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Movable Type Licencing Part 2

Because I actually read the fine print at the end of Mena’s post, I’m moving the rest of this entry here.

Okay now I’ll blather on even more, for my own benefit rather than SixApart’s. I was looking at the competition, especially ExpressionEngine, and at the same time I had been planning a site-wide redesign and architectural reorganization. And I realized if I had a CMS that allowed subcategories as well as unlimited user-defined entry fields, I’d be able to do my entire personal site as one blog. The master blog would power all the sections: photo, links, blog proper, music, video clips, and all those sections’ categories would be subcategories. Given a certain amount of power over custom templates, I could streamline the site like that without anyone knowing the difference. Plus there would be so many further possibilities to explore. (but I’d need custom fields because of the way I want to present photos and quick links.) Weirdly, if MT was able to do that, I’d no longer be looking at switching. And that in a way is part of the cause of the general disenchantment with MT – it hasn’t really been developed in a while. I suppose there may be plugins that enable that level of jiggery-pokery, and I’ll be looking into them, but see what I’m sayin’?

If anyone has any opinions about any of this – especially (he selfishly added) with regards to what CMS might be the best for my purposes, I’d love to hear. I’m now leaning towards ExpressionEngine, but I’d really like to be convinced over to WordPress as the vibe in those parts seems shit-hot. And frankly the easiest thing would be to stay with MT, so I’m still open to that. I’ve always loved using MT and remember how great it felt after being on blogger. It was really pushing the envelope then. I’d like some more of that now, please