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Iraq and Disbelief

Poll: 57% of Americans still think Saddam Hussein had substantial involvement in Sept. 11. 45% believe Iraq had WMD at the time of the invasion. Juan Cole argues that “the two-party system in the US has produced a two-party epistemology.” The people who should be very worried about this are the Democrats (Cole points out that the poll numbers also indicate a large number of Democrats buy the Republican party line), US journalism and to some degree the US education system. Unfortunately this all appears to be a result of the postmodern-era growth of conspiracy theory; any given report out of the press can be disbelieved as a product of the “Liberal Media” or the “Corporate Media”, depending on one’s party affiliation. That, and the president has never stepped up and said, “we were wrong.” But of course he disbelieves the media too.

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  1. eL says:

    D, you forgot to mention the statistic that 38% of Americans also think “polling” is something inherently naughty and will only further decay the fabric of western civilization.

    It’s also been well-documented that 65% of Americans have difficulty in the areas of reading and comprehension, and the other half are bad at math.


    A produkt of thuh Amerikan edjucashun sistim

  2. Raymond Onar says:

    I think 1st Lt. Mark V. Shaney USMC said it best when he said:

    “Responsible journalism should include responsibility for one’s actions in publishing a news story in such a way that puts many other people in harm’s way; has a direct result of publication of a particular story might have on other people.

    “We are a people that cherish the democratic system of government and therefore hold the will of the enemy is trying very hard to portray our efforts over here, you can refute them by knowing that we are failing, even if we are making the whole world safer. “

    Raymond Onnard
    And as always: “Quidquid excusatio prandium pro!

  3. TheDiscourse says:

    What the fuck is going on?

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