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Insult Comic Dog Insults People. Outrage!

Come on, Canada. Get your shit together. Who the cock would get offended by Triumph? What’s he gonna do, come up here and complement everyone? The whole point of the gag is that he’s like, a dog puppet, who insults people. It’s a “scandal” only slightly stupider than that about Don Cherry calling Europeans and Quebeckers “wimps” or whatever it was he said. Frankly, I’m offended by anybody who takes Don Cherry seriously. He’s the only person in the world who’s racist against “Europeans”! It’s sorta cute! It’s not like he went off about the Seven Jew Bankers who control hockey or something.

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  1. John says:

    Here in Montreal I was relieved to note that in Quebec, the reaction to Triumph was met with little more than a shrug. The outrage was really just a mix of opportunistic politicians not wanting to a appear on the wrong side of the issue and the usual over the top media coverage that happens every time an American says something about Canada.

  2. ÿ says:

    If I had to debate Stephen Harper, I’d tell him he wasn’t fit to be our PM. When he pointed out he was the most bilingual candidate in the running, and carried on about his political experience at length, I’d say: “You called a sock puppet ‘an outrage'”. After he said, “Yes, I did,” I’d say, “I rest my case.”

    Don Cherry thinks Jews are something you drink, or I’m sure he’d be blaming them for the state of modern hockey.

  3. Jerms says:

    I had the good fortune of being at that Conan show and D, you’re totally right – it’s just another classic case of Canadian self-righteousness. The audience was laughing its collective ass off about the absurdity and over-the top nastiness displayed by little Triumph. Alexa McDonough, however, typical of her ilk, thought it to be “vile racism” and “hatemongering”. That’s great, very helpful Alexa. I guess that’s why your party does so well in federal elections – you’re clearly in tune with the electorate. You and Stephen et al need to chill the hell out. And so does that equally self-righteous cock-knocker from out west who lodged the complaint against Don Cherry. Get over yourself people! What a waste of energy. Quebecers don’t give a tinkers about Don Cherry and neither does any sane individual (thus excluding our political class, I guess).

    Conan showed a bit of the Triumph edits at the end of the show, by the way, and they were genuinely amusing rather than merely insulting. It involved Triumph laying into Bon Homme – Christ knows what the fall out would have been if that aired.

  4. Shane Corson says:

    Hockey is controlled by seven jew bankers??!!!

  5. D says:

    Jerms, I’m thrilled you got to see it. Sheer excellence from you, as usual. I thought the triumph stuff was damn funny myself, especially him shagging a poodle at the dinner table.

    Shane, don’t let that give you night terrors or anything, k?

  6. Jerms says:

    It was sheer good luck that I got in D. Butler has a friend at NBC who got tickets for us – rockin’ good times. In one of the scenes that was cut, Triumph talks to an ice sculptor who has just finished a sculpture of Bon Homme. He convinces the guy to mae a small amendment and the camera watches, close-up, as the sculptor gets to work. When done, the camera pans out and Triumph has been added to the back of Bon Homme, giving the snow creature a good seeing to. Ahhh, Triumph…

  7. Anonymous says:

    the power of radio 5 live here in the uk – i have recently had a very painful operation on my shoulder and the completely insane guy from the states who talks about american tv and that sort of stuff started on about this “dog” at 3.00am uk time one morning and he had me literally in stitches……….excellent —-well done canada!!

  8. Bluenose Jill says:

    I have to say that the Conan episode was funny, and well done. Its about time that someone cross the line with this issue that has been plaguing Canadians for decades. The Qubecquois(i dont ccare if a spelled it correct) need to take their heads out of the butts and realize that no one likes them and their arrogant attitude. I am Canadian and live in the US, the media has the enite country pegged as being pissed off about this whole ordeal. Most of the english Canadians thought it was funny,at least the one i have spoken to. The reaction that should piss Canadian off is that the ‘Mericans think that we are alkl like the damm french…. but we arnt, i am Acadian, try telling an American that you are not French Canadian….and that there is a difference.

  9. D says:

    Jill, I never heard that the Quebecois were upset about it, only humourlessly oppurtunistic english Canadians. Fuck, now Now Magazine is ‘offended’ by Outkast’s grammy performance with the stereotypical injun getups. Who gives a leafy fuck? Taking offence is the new genocide.

  10. Jill says:

    D, you are obviously not here in the usa…

  11. adHominem says:

    D, when is Now Mag *not* offended by something? It’s their default state. It’s a weekly dose of whining, punctuated by the occasional “salacious” sex survey to boost ad revenue. If it wasn’t for the helpful movie listings I wouldn’t pick it up at all.

  12. Erica Booker says:

    i think triumph kicks soo much ass! hez the funniest thing since old ladies spitting out their dentures!

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