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21 Grams

Question: would this flick be as good without the novelty structure? I don’t really know: I loved the film, which completely rang true to me, but I’d need to see it twice to tell if the structure is in fact motivated.

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  1. ÿ says:

    This dude rings in on your question.

    I think he over-states the case a bit for fun, (the film does so have themes) but I still generally agree. The characters weren’t mysterious – they bordered on cliche – but the structure was, in as much as it keeps you wondering what the brilliant screenwriter’s got up his sleeve. But didn’t you find, once it came clear, that the film got kind of boring?

    I still liked the movie because when that Watts girl screamed at Penn I got shivers – the sheer irrationality of her reaction reminded me of one of my ex-girlfriend’s, and how I miss her still, and how I enjoy her dead husband’s heart.

    I also liked that it was about how unforgivably retarded all religious people are– tho I’m being overly harsh here. I can forgive them, after I nail them to a cross, provided their corpse disappears in the night, which they never seem to do.

    Del Toro is also the best.

    Oh, and I might move into your house soon for a month or two, if it’s ok with Josh.

  2. ÿ says:

    Er, and you.

  3. D says:

    It is, with both of us! You’re in, if you still feel to.

  4. D says:

    PS where did you find that Days of Thunder site? Seems the writer is from T-dot.

  5. ÿ says:

    Sorry if the above was rude, unintelligible, or off-topic. I slept 6 hours since Monday (not including the refreshing and much needed 8 hours I just woke from) & I’m amazed I’m alive (just as I’m amazed my above comment wasn’t deleted.)

    I found the D.O.T. site by accident. I love what he say.

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