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Opt Out of Google

Seeing as spammers post comment spam so as to raise their sites’ Google rankings, a simple if drastic way to prevent it would be to opt out of google. Not a great technique if you blog for popularity, but if you blog for something else – donuts, in my case – we might be onto something. What good are all those random google users anyway? The googs will be IPOing soon enough, and we’ll see which way the free flow of information goes then.

3 comments on "Opt Out of Google"

  1. Graham says:

    But how would the spammers (sorry, “alleged spammers”) know that you’d opted out? You could put a big notice up: I am not Google-enabled, but heck, so could I, and still get all that warm snuggly Google-love. So why would they believe it (if they even read it, which is another issue)?

  2. D says:

    Well, I’m assuming they’re targeting sites with high google juice. In my experience, y and myself get hit with spam, whereas king does not, even though any site spidering us would find a link to him.

    The more obvious prevention method would be to turn off comments altogether. Registration might help, whenever those charming MT folks see fit to add it to their product – or it might not.

  3. D says:

    Incidentally, Google users, this is not the place to request something removed from google. To do that, you need to contact the webmaster of the page where the information is found.

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