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Dream Review #8


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  1. ÿ says:

    This one’s hot Sanks. Red hot!

  2. D says:

    Rush this dream into production!

    I remember what Jeepers Creepers had to do with it – it was exec produced by Coppola. I think I it prefigured more than that, but I forget.

  3. npat says:

    I believe the cats are the key to the whole thing! Why would they be wearing Virtual Reality headsets? Is it just a coincidence that VR is RV spelled backward? Cats have been used to symbolize “soul” or “self”, and since there are two of them, one has to think of two facets of self; possibly the Freudian “Id” and “Ego”. They are wearing VR visors as a gesture toward the realization that the waking world is, in fact, a virtual reality: You read the world through an interpretive filter formed by your exposure to pop-culture, and any other personal, or collective archetypes. In the dream you actually become aware of this. You see yourself (the two cats) being engrossed in the virtual universe. The surroundings are nothing more than a projection of what the cats (i.e you) see inside their (your) headsets; they are externalized for narrative purposes. But since you now realize the true nature of the illusion, the representation becomes crappy; it can’t really fool you any more. For the same reason the archetypes (pilots, instruments, and stuff) cease to be transparent. They are exposed. You don’t see the world through them, you now stare directly at them…

    Ok, maybe I should find my own wall to write this crap on (and my own dreams to write about, for that matter). Just dropped by to say thanks for the nice blog.

  4. Monster says:

    Sounds to me as if that ol noodle of yours has had its last pint of beer Sanks. It could be that you excessive bouting with the bottle from the early days of Grade 4 has finally caught up to ya. Guess that gives us the answer to that prolific statement i have come to live by. You know the one I am sure, “The answer is in the bottle” Good luck ol chum. I will be sure to raise a glass to ya in fondness in this oh so sad time of year.

  5. I am Me says:

    I was wondering what “d” meant. So I got on the internet and searched and searched. There are alot of “d’s” on the internet………let me tell you! Anyway, I am still wondering what “d” means so I have to go now… I probably won’t return here since I am so busy. Maybe one day I will set up a comedy blog or something like that.

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