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Fifth Estate: 911 Conspiracy

CBC’s Fifth Estate started their season off with a look into Sept. 11th conspiracy. Not too many surprises for a wingnut like me, but Joe Sixpack CBC viewer may find some of the Bush-Saudi-bin Laden connections pretty hardcore. It’s playing on Newsworld next week.

I love how quickly Sept. 11th has replaced JFK as the Holy Grail of conspiracy. And no-one pays any attention to the aliens anymore, do they?

2 comments on "Fifth Estate: 911 Conspiracy"

  1. akura says:

    its funny that people actually believe that a large fat ass plane like a boeing 757 actually hit the pentagon and left a hole just 10 feet in diameter. LOL!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well I live in Australia and I have always believed the US being a very greedy oil nation who single handly contributes to 25% of the worlds green house gasses may do anything to stay on top. Have we forgot what country has the most weapons of mass destruction? We will never know the truth but ask yourself this they never found the plane wreckage or any of the people, but somehow, the passports of the terrorist were found in all the debre. Why would someone ready to die on an internal flight be carrying a passport I wonder. The chances of 19 Arabs taking control of 4 planes and pulling this off is way off track. Are you aware that not one person has been convicted and no one has claimed responsibily OH by the way no weapon of mass destruction were ever found either. But US oil will flow again from this region.

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