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Best of the Worst of d/blog

I have many, many flaws – ugly clothes, drool ‘issues’, questionable personal hygeine, nonstop sailor mouth, repeated “pull my finger” requests, wooden leg, inability to communicate without referencing MC Miker G’s Holiday Rap, lump of coal where heart should be, penchant for getting run over, unwilling to leave house without arming self to teeth, breakfast martinis, steroid rage – but one thing I take great personal pride in is my robust internal censor. Amazing as it may seem, not everything that comes into my filthy drool-encrusted head gets posted here. I have a backlog of posts deemed unsuitable by the mysterious little inbred Leprechaun carnies who run tings inside my brain. Here, for your interest, are some tastes of those forbidden posts, ranked from best to worst:

There were definitely more, but I have to go now because my home planet needs me, and my number #1 cause of not posting something is because I got halfway through writing it and got bored. I’m already pretty sleepy here, so quickly! I post!

4 comments on "Best of the Worst of d/blog"

  1. Juicifer says:

    I love your site & how you write…I could chat with you for hours as you know. Your photos kick ass & the piece on Mcshits rocks.
    However, I sometimes wish you would sauce it up a wee bit for me (& other naughties).Feature some good stuff about ass slappin techniques, when biting crosses that fine line, what makes for the best round of noggin…I guess I could just go buy a cosmo mag, but some sauce would be yummy for me sometimes. x0

  2. What to do? says:

    Hi! I run a blog, just like you. A lot of people submit to my blog with link like this: Incest. How do you fight this phenomenon? Thanks in advance for the tip.

  3. D says:

    First off, “what to do”, I didn’t delete your comment since there’s a small chance it’s not comment spam, but I did remove the shitty URL you are most likely peddling. Nice that you want me to explain to you how to combat comment spam, so that you can fight my defenses. Good try, old chum!

    And Juice, I’d love to please the naughty masses who read this site daily, hoping against hope to learn of my incredible sex tips, but as you should know such things are closely-guarded secrets, and if I ever posted them here it would cost $999.99 per instructional tape.

  4. Juicifer says:

    i imagine posting all of your incredible sex tips would only up the competition & bother me. perhaps you can feature a sauced up story once a year or something. like on Dec 2nd…
    & dont worry, i’ll stop jiggin around on your site like a torker.x0

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