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Assorted Links 7: Extreme Linxx

scary robot, erotic vomiting, RIAA radar, Matthew Barney vs. Donkey Kong, Star Wars Kid saga ends with insanity, hipster bingo, how to market a zombie flick (hint: internet).

4 comments on "Assorted Links 7: Extreme Linxx"

  1. adampsyche says:

    Sweet mother of god, that vomiting page is making regret the general tso I had for lunch.

  2. D says:

    Oh good god yes. I really shouldn’t have linked to it – I saw it last night and I can’t get it out of my head.

    Damn is my site getting more and more vomit-inducing or what?

  3. Halifax Mooseheads says:

    I did a search for talk about sports as I am looking for information on where Halifax Mooseheads players lived and the history about them and their culture. We have and have had hockey players from all over the world play with the local hockey team here in halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I am researching anyone who has played in the past and the present for the Halifax Mooseheads hockey team. As I was web surfing, going from one topic to the next I came upon your website as I was researching blogs, as I thought about creating a blog on the Halifax Mooseheads hockey team. Anyways I read about this being your first blog and read your whole blog to see if you had any information on how to operate a blog.
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    Anyways, good luck with your website.
    Take care and God Bless
    Steve A Halifax Mooseheads Hockey Fan

  4. D says:

    Yeah, fascinating, Steve. Oddly enough I get two dashingly off-topic comments in two different threads, one from Halifax hockey fan “Steve” (above) and another from “B.J. Stephens”, a Halifax Lawyer. So one way or another you’re lying about your name, spammer. At the very least it’s an attempt to increase the Google juice of one or more of your sites – one of which looks like an email grabber-thingie. I would delete your comments, but the sheer stupidity of the ploy is pretty entertaining, so I’ve just taken out the links. For the curious, here are the URLS:
    I especially like how a dude who’s new to the internet knows how to make a link, and also the “lawyer blob” part. Hope “” isn’t your real address, spammy!

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