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HD Home Video

Interesting. There’s an HD Camera for consumers now. Sounds like it’s not all that, especially not for $3,500 US, but nonetheless I like where this is headed.

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  1. P- RON says:

    Ya, it’s pretty cool, bitch slaps the hell out of any other consumer DV resolution. We’re getting a demo of it soon, let ya’ll know what’s going down… Hopefully it will be better than the last JVC demo we got. They were showing off there new mini DV camera that was “going to compete with the XL-1”, where upon I inquired how you switch it to drop frame or “movie mode” as it’s called. There was a long silence… he then said “why would anyone want that?” …I walked out…

  2. D says:

    What a lame. I’m just wondering where it’ll be at in a couple years – HD cams for 2 grand or so?

    Thing is, HD’s like a gig per 5 seconds or something, so home editing rigs have a lot of catching up to do. I guess you’d go offline for better storage, but then how do you master at that rate? Don’t think Firewire 800 can handle it.

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