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Go Leaves!

It’s game 7 tonight. It was a nailbiter last night. My roommate said that while watching the game he felt “like a soon-to-be father in the waiting room.” Let’s hope the baby doesn’t look anything like Jeremy Roenick.

Update – Colby Cosh with more Leaf genetics on his excellent hockey page: “Darcy Tucker is the hockey love child of a ninja and the Energizer Bunny.”

3 comments on "Go Leaves!"

  1. adampsyche says:

    My wife has resiged herself to being more happy with me being suicidal for a week instead of being fucking insane until June.

    Good luck (wow, Owen Nolan is mouthing off to Primeau-donna sumptin’ fierce right about now).

  2. marijke says:


    what a disaster.

    oh, well… next year, man, next year is our year.
    next year we’ll definitely go all the way!

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