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Apologies to Caesar Readers

Here’s what’s going on: the DSL line at my home went down last week and wasn’t due to return until last thursday at the earliest. I took that chance to send my computer in for some minor repairs. Who knows how long all this nonsense will drag on for. Anyway, while I am able to post the odd nonsense link from work over here at d/blog, lately I have been using three separate sources for Caesar posts and this makes it impossible to update that site from work, seeing as my job has nothing to do with Roman history. Hopefully I’ll get both computer and Internet back by the end of the week, but then again that’s what I thought last week. Bear with me.

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  1. Patricia Ann Gough says:

    Greetings Caesar,

    Many thanks for putting us, your devoted friends and followers, in the picture regarding your latest trying situation. Everyone is beset by various problems in life now and then – that’s life, as they say.

    Please rest assured that my patience, at least, is endless; and I wait in avid anticipation for your next report, as soon as circumstances allow you to send one.

    So relieved your campaign is going smoothly so far, by the way.

    Very best regards to you,

  2. D says:

    Thanks Patricia.

    Damn. Now I’ve got the computer back, but the repairs necessary are apparently not under warranty and would involve $1300 for a new motherboard – WTF? So, I didn’t get it done and am left with a non-functional optical drive.

    As if that wasn’t fun enough, I plug it into the Net and discover there is still no Internet at home. I’d complain to the roomie, who was “in charge” of the account, but I haven’t seen him since sunday…

    Suffice it to say, no caesar updates for a few more days. What I’m probably going to have to do is write the week’s posts all at once, then upload them all at some Net-capable location. I won’t have any free time for that until at least this weekend.

  3. Patricia Ann Gough says:

    Your response to my message is appreciated Daragh.

    The high amount that they’re charging for what seems like a smallish repair on your computer seems quite staggering! I only wished I could help. You have my sympathy for that, and also for your loss of net connection anyway.

    You seem to have hit on the best idea to deal with your dilemma however, by the looks of things – by uploading multiple Caesar posts from a suitable net-active spot.
    I’ll look forward to receiving them when time and crcumstance allow them to be sent.

    Wishing you good luck in all your efforts.


  4. Osama says:

    When the Governor of Gaul and a hero of Rome must put up with such travails, what hope is there for the rest of us?
    May I suggest the public library? Don’t know about the area around the frontlines, but the ones around these parts have high speed connections and are free.

  5. D says:

    Well, apparently Internet comes back today sometime. Think I may be home free.

  6. Vercingetorix says:

    Hail Caesar!

    Caesar is dead.

  7. Patricia Ann Gough says:

    Long live the mighty Caesar, and all good fortune to you!

    I earnestly hope that you are able to combine your reclaiming of the internet with some of the precious free time you have at home to keep your ever-loyal friends appraised of the latest developments at the front.


  8. Patricia Ann Gough says:

    Keep up the good fight, Caesar – you’re getting there, thanks to your well-known doggeded determination and perseverance; no wonder your faithful soldiers hold you in such high esteem, awe and affectionate respect!
    Your promise is reassuring and welcome.

  9. D says:

    Internet didn’t come back like I thought. I had to take matters into my own hands & hook up a new connection, which hopefully will be ready by tonight.

    God do I feel stranded without a Net connection.

  10. Patricia Ann Gough says:

    A very happy welcome back to you Daragh!

    I’m impressed to see that you managed to resolve your internet connection problem in your own efficient way – and with true grit.
    We’d all be lost without the net, is my feeling.

    Anyway, it’s just great to see our mutual hero back in action again, putting those rebellious and barbaric Gauls in their places again – long may Caesar rule!

    Your friend of Rome,

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