Angry Robot

Jazz Cuts

Nestled deep in an obscure part of Toronto’s “China-town” district is a salon entitled Jazz Cuts Hair Salon. What’s a jazz cut, you might ask? The Commitments sprang to mind, with the character who goes all jazz and wigs out everyone else — wigs, that was unintentioned — but is that the only possible jazz haircut? Could I go in and ask for Marsalis in the front, free jazz in the back? Internet, of course, has its own answer: “JAZZ has solved the top four concerns of hair replacement clients” which, I’ll take a guess, are: 1. I would like an unintelligible melody. 2. Please make me not bald any more. 3. Give me a history lesson in the co-optation of black popular music by paunchy middle-aged white elitists. 4. Please, please, give me hair, give me sweet, sweet, jazzy hair.