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I'm starving

From kuro5hin: everything you ever wanted to know about poutine.

4 comments on "I'm starving"

  1. Kowy says:

    Food of the Gods!

    A good LaFleur Poutine, a flat, warm Pepsi and yer set for the night.
    (It’s also THE best thing to eat after leaving the pub!)

  2. D says:

    Ah, you’re lucky indeed to live in Montreal and have LaFleur at your fingertips. What I wouldn’t give…

    Incidentally, I hadn’t noticed that one of the links in that Kuro5hin post leads back to this site. Representin’ poutine! Reciprocal-style!

  3. mattylarge says:

    ill mail you one sanks

  4. D says:

    Yes please Matt. Mmmm… postal poutine.

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