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Oh My Gentle Jesus

Like Milli Vanilli, something one’s mind should never be exposed to: the most disgustingest story ever told. Seriously, don’t read this. (via Brittney)

10 comments on "Oh My Gentle Jesus"

  1. JS says:

    Yuck, and of course, not true.

  2. marijke says:

    “At that point, she held a lighter under the creature’s face causing it to flip its tail in a violent snapping motion.”

    man, you’d have to be some kind of magician to light a lighter underwater…

    or you’d have to be some kind of crazy yoga master to have all of this happening out of the water while in the tub…

  3. D says:

    Nonetheless, I had trouble eating shrimp last night.

  4. marijke says:

    yeah, i think i’ll cancel my lobster-masturbation session tomorrow…

  5. brittney says:

    I know when I get good and squirmy my first thought is to use fresh, live lobster.

  6. kaf says:

    For my money, you can’t beat a huge, throbbing pile of sea monkeys.

  7. mageebags says:

    For me, it’s all about the snapping turtles. Now that’s “alive with pleasure”.

  8. D says:

    Whatever happened to a good, old fashioned can of tuna?

  9. marijke says:

    tuna’s boring.

    it’s all about the swordfish, baby…

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