Angry Robot

Dream Review #3

Ken Kutaragi, it turns out, fancies himself a director. He’s made a series of short films, and the might of Sony is behind him: they’ll be released as a feature-length group, worldwide, thousands of screens. He’s asked me for help with the scripts, which I can’t figure out. The films have already been shot, edited. They’re terrible. Most of them are mundane and slow-paced. Plus, they’re dubbed. One is called “The Baron and the Sausage”, but it’s an cheesy, uneventful portrait of a loving young couple… As I’m struggling with this assignment, I find myself in Google: the Building. The concept is clear, but the dream has trouble representing the specifics of such a thing: apparently a “search” for any physical thing reveals rooms filled with similar things, in different contexts. I stride purposefully through this architectural miracle, and then wake up.

This is one of the best dreams I’ve had in recent memory, even better than the one about the nuke going off. Two thumbs up! What it lacks in unity it makes up in depth and inventiveness. A man who has achieved great things, yet longs to make his name in another field, yet sucks in that field… Delicious tragedy. Thematically the dream is strong, it challenges me to find its meaning. Like Kutaragi’s films, the dream is finished but it is I who must find the story within it. What is the story behind Google: The Building, o great dream? Ah yes. I must search for it myself.

I give this dream four stars.