Angry Robot

Animal Reality TV

During a brief reality TV session y sees “a marine out-performing an ape on a military training course.”

Ah, this is what it’s all about: merging the twin real-life worlds of nature doc and reality show. Animals are real, too! I’m seeing a “King of the Jungle” show in which a bunch of animals are put on an island together and have to vote each other off (or eat each other). Then, “Nature’s Millionaires”, in which animals compete against humans in the field of celebrity trivia. Some kind of animal dating show… “Mating Season”? Or, a bunch of people are sent to an island, one of them is actually a bunch of cats or ferrets in a human suit, they have to find out which one, there’s a good show. Finally, Christian Challenge — maybe Xtian Xhallenge would be more Xtreme — humans and lions duke it out in the XX Arena… last one alive gets $50,000 US dollars or 50,000 zebra carcasses, whichever they prefer.