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shift, bay

There was the shift party (thanks, marijke!), then Georgian Bay (thanks, Ms. L & LES!). Noted, for whatever reason:

  1. Webloggers sure like to talk about their traffic. Shut up, all of us! We’re boring.
  2. Bedewed guitars. The rim gleams when struck by a flashlight’s beam, whereas starlight leaves it alone.
  3. If there’s wind enough, it blows on the mouths of beer bottles like a phantom rummy.

3 comments on "shift, bay"

  1. marijke says:

    you’re so very welcome, D.
    i wound up finding a post-party party at my local bar and boozin’ until 6:30 am — wish i’d known, i would have brought y’all along!
    it took two days for my voice to come back (a welcome silence among my friends, i’m sure).
    anyway, glad you made it. sinking to the level of ordering Blue just wouldn’t have been the same without you.

  2. king says:

    nice prose Sankey. If I could write about bedewed guitars and wind enough the way that you do, I’d quit blogging and get a real job.

  3. D says:

    Well, marijke, it’s just as well I didn’t stay out carousing until 6:30 as I had to go into work unexpectedly, damn damn. We’ll have to grab more blues some time.

    And king, thanks – the latter two points were banging around in my head all weekend without anywhere for me to put them. Which makes them a bit on the dense side, I suppose. Oh well – at least I didn’t forget them, for once.

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