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bilbo by nimoy

World’s Greatest Music Video? (QT file)

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  1. marijke says:

    *reaches for advil*

    What’s a Leonard Nimoy, indeed?

    Rivalled only by the George Harrison video that was popping up everywhere just after he died — I think it was “Chatterbox Palace”? (would love a link if anyone can find one)

    ah, the 70s, when drugs were rampant, colours were neon, and “dancing” was merely a suggestion…

  2. marijke says:

    “Crackerbox Palace”. sorry.

  3. D says:

    Space put out an excellent album a couple years back that was a compilation of songs sung by Nimoy and Shatner. (Separately – no uplifting duets, unfortunately – what I wouldn’t give to hear them sing “Wind Beneath My Wings.”) Anyway, this Bilbo song was on it, and I’m very happy to see they managed to make a ludicrous music vid about it.

  4. marijke says:

    ‘kay. the bilbo song has been stuck in my head all morning. even the spider-man theme song (which is, incidentally, the cure-all for getting other songs out of your head) didn’t work on this one….
    and then, the passionate cry of “Mr. Tambourine Man!”, the breaking of the classic stilted voice in a raw emotional plea as the song reaches its final notes. it’s heartbreaking.

    please, d, what does “Hamlet” sound like? i’m dying of curiosity….

  5. D says:

    I think I always skipped Hamlet – that one wasn’t as good as the others. I preferred the Shatner to the Nimoy, natch – tamborine man was my favourite, but Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is pretty shit-hot too.

    I also had a video of Shatner performing “Rocket Man” at some 70s sci-fi award show, and they used all manner of shitty-looking video effects during it… it was mind-blowing, but now it’s gone. I have no idea what I did with it.

  6. D says:

    Hot smoke. Here’s an mp3 of it… still looking for the video itself…

  7. D says:

    Here’s the video. Shitty realplayer thing, but the original VHS was garbage-looking anyway.

  8. marijke says:

    Pure gold. Rock it, man.
    Two Shatners are better than one. And three are better than two. There could be a whole philosophy behind that video: Shatner as the embodiment of id, ego and superego?… I’ll have to flesh it out a bit.

    He definitely needed a beret, though.

    Thanks for that, d. Made coming into work on a Sunday almost worthwhile….

  9. D says:

    Yeah, I used to watch that vid a whole hell of a lot. I wish I could find a better quality version on the web, but hey – it’s a beautiful thing that I was able to find any version of it, really.

  10. marijke says:

    hot damn. that is just awesome.

    i think drunken dancing shatner is my favourite.

    and they really need to bring back on-camera smoking. i’d like to see more people use a cigarette as a form of expression….

    i always find it amazing that shatner doesn’t kill himself laughing while he’s doing this stuff. do you think he appreciates himself as a joke?

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