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theban mapping

This site is so unbelievably well-made it turns Egyptology into a fucking nonstop high-octane thrill ride. Wow. Made by Second Story, who must be the elder gods of web design. (via MeFi)

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  1. marijke says:

    that’s beautiful. feels like a soap opera, with one tomb being taken over by another ruler, and people dying before their burial chambers are completed, and usurpers and whatnot.

    best quote: “Somehow I find it reassuring to know that even ancient engineers could sometimes screw things up.”

    best detail: The tomb of Rameses V and VI has Roman and Greek graffiti on its walls.

  2. D says:

    Did you check the atlas part? (I’m pretty sure you did, and that’s what you’re talking about – but I couldn’t watch the ‘movies’ from work so I’m just getting to it now.) Wow, I can’t believe how well done it is. Now I have to go through all the sites second story has made. I’m sure there’s plenty more gold in them thar hills.

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