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“tweak.” Adjust, as in, I’ve been tweaking the stylesheets. Also to twist or pinch – I was coming along the boards and Domi checked me, and I just tweaked my knee a little, and now I’m out for the season. Also, fucked: the club was waaaay hot and when the uppers kicked in it tweaked me right up.

Obsolete meanings: trouble, prostitute.

7 comments on "word of the day"

  1. Monster says:

    Theres nothing like tweeking a nice pink nipple.

  2. marijke says:

    I once knew a street kid who was so hopped up on all kinds of shit that we just called him “Tweak”. The name stuck around, though I’m not sure he did.
    Result: When I started working in the media industry, it took a long time to get used to everyone who talked about “Tweaking” a layout.
    It’s got such a jerking, spastic feel to it — great onomatopoeia.

  3. D says:

    Nipples and street kids and tweaks – oh my!

    It’s also a great bird call.

    I’d like to bring back the obsolete meanings, but how do you deploy it in conversation? Trouble – Oh, man, there’s tweak a-comin’… This shit is tweaked? Dunno.

  4. D says:

    Also: more stories about Tweak the Street Kid, please.

  5. marijke says:

    There isn’t much of a story about Tweak, really. He was a good kid, and one of the few Toronto street kids to successfully fight his squeegee tickets.
    Eventually, he just took a turn for the worst. Sad to watch people go downhill so fast.

    To employ both obsolete definitions: He was never a tweak, but I’m guessing he caused a lot of tweak.

    [Suddenly, I feel like I’m bleeping words out. Or like I’m a lesser cousin of the smurfs.]

  6. D says:

    The tweaks, who are only 1.5 apples tall?

  7. marijke says:

    You know, when the smurfs tower over you, you must get quite the inferiority complex….

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