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the marriaging of a friend

Busride to the fringe of the city. Winery – ceremony outside. Sweltering heat. Heat-magnifying suit. Liquid refreshment.

The friends of a friend this good are friends of mine. Discuss: Ellroy, “intelligent techno,” Meyer, and marriage, or course. Bike rides. Big Lebowski. Canada as China. Indie rock. & what have you been doing for the last eight years?

Non-religious ceremony, under a tree. Groom making wisecracks throughout. Never seen him happier, and it was so right: it was their day, they were in their element. Bride and groom, glowing. Palpable energy goes right to my sap-zone. Misting up like an old maid. This phenomenon reaches its apotheosis during the ceremonial bride/groom dance, played out to Weezer, under the stars.

Congratulations, Mark & Ange.

3 comments on "the marriaging of a friend"

  1. mageebags says:

    Thank you, sir. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.

    And yes, I have never been happier…

  2. D says:

    *sap zone reactivated*

  3. D says:

    You da man now, dog.

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