Angry Robot


Rock rock rock rock rock. NXNE. Friday: Starling, alterna-pop rock. Liked their fast numbers bettter than their Radiohead ones. Then: young & sexy, tag team boy-girl slop rock, the best of the night, under less than favourable conditions, unless you like sardines, constant jostling and red-hot temperatures (time for that cooling system, Rancho Relaxo!) Then, old school pent-up youthed-up punk rock, Taylored, in the mostly empty Holy Joes. On the way out saw the tail end of a White Cowbell show, and I wish to all hell I had watched that one – firebreathing and cowboys and wizards!

Saturday: Cy Scobie, not rock at all for once, rather Kruder & Dorfmeister knocking heads with Amon Tobin, except with a lot more flute. Then, a narrow escape from 80s metal paunch rock, Plastic Bag; a swerve into the Horseshoe, expecting ska, happily surprised by unscheduled non-rock, Ghetto Concept extended family Seven Bills. The Sadies follow, and their spaghetti western surf rock handily blows my tender little mind. Tall, hard, hard-drinkin’, chainsmokin’ cowboy dudes who kill on guitar and shred a fiddle – that shit is dyno-mite. Apparently a touch of a claustrophobe, I was too ravaged by the Sadies to stick around in the Horseshoe for for the highly praised garage rock of The Mooney Suzuki, which I now regret.

In summary. NXNE rocks.