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what is … gripe?

Oh, Christ. The a-list Cabal™ is attempting to force a meme down our throats again. The phrase “What is real? 415 564 1347” is popping up in all the right places (kottke, zeldman, megnut, RCB, even MeFi). No, it isn’t a metaphysical sex chatline; no it’s not some Nike gimmick – although it sounds a hell of a lot like one. No, it’s this, brought to you by Heather of harrumph and the mirror project. It will be a zany SXSW event where “anything can happen” because “vibrant, creative, energetic people” will be “in one place, at one time — with one question — to answer however they see fit.” Which is all well and good, I suppose; but it still sounds like someone is trying to sell me mutual funds.

6 comments on "what is … gripe?"

  1. kevin says:

    hi d – just so you know, heather’s a participant, not the event organizer. i think she’s gonna be great (a-list or no đŸ™‚

  2. filion says:

    Just wanted to tell you to piss off and go to hell in the same sentance.
    a young lady who sells mutual funds

  3. D says:

    Hey, I’m offending everyone today! Ah well. Hopefully y’all recognize the cheek/tongue phenomenon – I’ve got to yell at something, right?

    –and thanks for the clarification, Kevin. I’m sure it will be pretty cool. Are you going/involved?

  4. kevin says:

    yeah, both – actually, this has all been sort of funny. 3/11 will mark the second year of 20×2, a little brain bugget of mine that we first staged last year at sxsw.

    last year’s question (‘what is interactive?’) drew so many interesting responses (and frankly, this has been a peculiar year for all of us, and when i say all of us, i mean me) that i decided ‘what is real’ would be a nice launching off point for all sorts of intriguing feedback this year.

    i dont have a specific idea as to what heather’s going to do with her phone messages (her time is hers to fill as she pleases), but im curious as hell to find out.

    (and for what it’s worth, no offense taken..)

  5. And they say there’s no Cabal…

  6. D says:

    Thanks, Kevin. I’m glad I didn’t offend, and I’m also glad no mutual funds are changing hands.

    And as far as you Cabal™ members go: would you cut it out with the threatening phone messages and the shoddily lettered, menacing postcards? It won’t happen again, okay?

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