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So I’m a pornographer now.

Gawd I love that [more..] tag.

I’ve never mentioned my “new” job here. (It’s not really that new anymore.) I’m producing promos for Space and Drive-In Classics, two TV channels up here in Canadia.

Anyhoo, my work for Drive-In lately (affectionately referred to as DIC by its employees) is the promotion of the 17 Russ Meyer films we’re showing. I feel like an idiot, but I’d never watched a Russ Meyer film before, and now my mind is being blown on a weekly basis: he’s grrrrrreat! Experimental, super-independent, sexually liberated, financially shrewd. RM has many admirable qualities. So, I thought I’d share some links I’ve amassed while doing research.

Here’s his homepage. A 1974 interview, a 1995 interview, and a review of Faster Pussycat from the superior Bright Lights Film Journal. A good interview/backgrounder (here’s page two with images intact). Another brief interview. A page about the Vixen “trilogy.”

And to head something off at the pass here: I’ve watched eight of his films so far, and I’m finding almost nothing in the way of sexism or misogyny. Granted, I haven’t seen the apparently loathsome Blacksnake yet, but its time will come, and we’ll see.