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Post Has Been Renamed

Great article on J101 about Grand Theft Auto 3‘s radio.

Update, April 28, 2003: I’ve changed the title of this page so that it attracts fewer google searchers. Reason: the page is 100K, and the thousands of searchers who get this result are eating up my bandwidth.

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  1. jack bill says:

    my favorite is chatterbox cause it is funny honey bunny

  2. jack bill says:

    my favorite is chatterbox cause it is funny honey bunny

  3. D says:

    Yeah, chatterbox is hilarious – but I found myself going for the dub most of the time. In general, the ads were always fabulous –, Liberty City Survivor – aw, fuck it, everything was fabulous. I loved the gangsta rapper commenting that he’s looking out the window, right now, and seeing a car getting jacked.

  4. snek says:

    you can put your own mp3’s on a radio station.
    Just put some mp3’s in the map MP3.
    and you have you own radio station.

  5. mageebags says:

    “We have no love for Donald Love!”

    I only wish K-JAH was on my real car’s radio….

  6. D says:

    Yeah, that’s the general consensus: video game radio that’s better than real radio. What a game.

    snek: this is something that requires the PS2 HD, is it? Can’t see how else to get mp3s up in there… Oh wait, it’s out on PC now I believe.

  7. Slaymad says:

    how i can get radio work?

  8. Slaymad says:

    how i can get radio work?
    send answers to my Em@il

  9. Slaymad says:

    how i can get radio work?
    send answers to my Em@il

  10. D says:

    You got the wrong place, pal. I can’t get my VCR to record. And I have trouble working a doorknob.

  11. D Ice says:

    the only radio 4 me is game fm.

  12. DragonXXX says:

    Flashback is cool. the paramedics seem to like it also.

  13. Turbo says:

    How the hell do i make own damn radio station?

  14. D says:

    Dragon, have you noticed that paramedics favour that station? If so, that’s an awesome detail.

    Turbo – see here.

    And I love that all the dudes who comment in this thread have action-names.

  15. Irrelevent says:

    I like Chatter Box with Reid and Fernando and the host Laslo if that is how it’s spelt. It’s Funny and I have only 1 Problem. Where is the radio station HQ in Liberty City.

  16. aaron says:

    how do u put mp3’s in gta3

  17. abko says:

    send it on mY EMAIL

  18. tv says:

    What kind of forum is this?? abko needs service! Why won’t you help him, administrator?

  19. D says:

    Administrator, please hope me!!! 😉

    Abko, others: please read my response upthread. Alternatively, read this:

    This is a weblog, not a GTA3 help desk. Asking for help here is like trying to order Wendy’s in the middle of the Pacific. Please leave my house, thank you – you won’t find what you want here. That is all, goodnight.

  20. Keith says:

    game radio

  21. guest says:

    any one know were i can download chatter box i have riped pc copy 🙂

  22. adam says:

    The commercial for the Ford Monstrosity takes the cake. Real nice.

  23. D says:

    I confess, I haven’t played the game in a while, and I’m starting to forget the details (I remember that excellent Monstrosity ad though, thanks adam). I’ve been getting down with MGS2, which is pretty slick, if a touch out of hand with the wants-to-be-a-film thing.

  24. K9292929 says:



  25. D says:

    For the love of fucking god.

  26. mageebags says:

    Hey admin! What’s wrong with you! K9292929 needs your help! What kind of forum is this?!!

    Oh, wait… never mind.

  27. mageebags says:

    Just so you know Sanks, this site is #1 on Google for the search string “GTA3 radio”.

    Enjoy the endless stream of clueless visitors!

  28. D says:

    I know, it’s a fucking train wreck.

    Google gives, and takes away. I’m no longer #1 for shitbag, but I get this steaming monstrosity…

  29. Brett G. says:

    u forgot

  30. D says:

    I’m #1 for shitbag again!!!!

    why, why is this important to me?
    answer me, random google-using vidgame-radio-help-seeking miscreants.

  31. Sassy says:

    D, I was wondering if you could teach me how to create my own GTA3 radio station? Haha – this thread is hilarious, so seriously an pointers?
    (Monday morning humor)

  32. D says:

    Here’s what you do:

    1. Shut your eyes.
    2. Think really hard about how you want a GTA3 radio station.
    3. Smash own face with hammer.
    4. Voila – beautiful music, music in your mind!

    (not directed at you, Sassy)

  33. Pauly Paulo says:


  34. D says:


  35. 578967834@yahoo says:


  36. Sassy says:

    Just so there is no confusion here, are you saying D that you are NOT an expert on how to create your own radio station and you really can’t help me out?!

    (LMAO!, Sorry I couldn’t help myself)

  37. D says:


  38. playa hater says:

    Does anyone here know how to make your own radio stations (with your own music) for GTA3?

    Send answers to my email, please.

  39. Buggles says:


  40. kiLLa_PRiesT says:

    waZZup!! any1 know how to rip your own radio stationz?

  41. Pete Andras says:

    If you want to know how to make your own radio station, go watch this short film explaining how:

  42. fuctard says:

    Looking for some info on creating one’s own radio station – can anyone help a dude out?

  43. D says:

    Hey Pete!

    Oh, wait.


  44. gta3novice says:

    how does one add a custom radio station to gta3 ?
    where is the faq ? thanks for any help…

  45. WHAT says:

    OK RETARDS. All you have to do is copy your own mp3s in the mp3 directory in the game’s folder.

    This is only for the pc version, you clownbrains.

  46. $GTA4LIFE$ says:

    I think flashback is kewl for the one reason it is the scarface soundtrack. Chatterbox and game radio are the most fun to listen to. But the adds are the FUCKN BOMB

  47. Rasher227 says:

    Anyone know a way to get live radio on gta3?Like put a file in the mp3 folder…Ive tried it but It says^its not a mp3 file and when I save is as (filename).mp3 and open it after, the file just says play and in a second stop and then again and again… Someone help me

  48. mageebags says:

    Wow. The hits just keep on coming!

  49. That's Right says:

    Ignorance is funny.

    This page made me laugh my ass off.

  50. Manny says:

    Can i make my own radio station mp3 thing in PS2? GTA3?

  51. D says:

    Warning to humanity: if you keep up this unfolding travesty, I will be forced to use my staggeringly massive powers for evil instead of good.

    At that point, the issue of whether or not you play your own fucking garbage mp3s whilst enjoying GTA3 will seem pathetically insignificant.

    Watch out, mankind. You’re losing me, here, now.

  52. D says:

    In fact, I’d like to turn the remainder of this neverending bloody pile-up of a thread over to Iraqi-style megalomaniacal threats and taunts.

    The rivers will run sick with your bile, musically inept game-playing pigdogs!!!

  53. D says:

    Important note to readers who know me and are concerned for my mental health: it’s not actually 5:16 am right now. Hey man, what do you think, I’m some kind of freak? It’s 4:16 am, dude. Everything’s cool in Party City.

  54. D says:

    Yes, I guess I might as well post my gibberish here where all the clueless googlers will see it.

    Hello, Joe Sixpack! We who are about to sleep salute you. Read on, and hey, if you have any fucking questions about radios or theft or autos, this apparently is the place to leave your depressingly inane cries for help.

  55. answer this says:

    ok boys and girls i have chatter box rip how can i get it to work i have riped pc copy also.
    for those of you who don’t have gta3 and want it go here

    page in diffrent language but game is english

  56. Michael "Mike" Michaelson says:

    how i can get radio work?

  57. DragonEx says:

    This is by far the funniest page I’ve ever seen. My fav is chatterbox. Reid Tucker, the karate and health food guy is hilarious.

  58. D says:

    Yeah, this has become an unwitting collaborative art project. Or something.

  59. Reid Tucker says:

    You guys better watch out….After a morning of meditation and a 3 bean salad, I CAN CHOP A BUS IN HALF !!!

  60. Anonymous says:

    ah just fuck everybody here

  61. snoop dog says:

    fuck u all

  62. hot-dog says:

    damn straight dog. FUCK ALL YOU

  63. hot-dog says:


  64. D says:

    Thanks, hot-dog. Your contribution, like French Champagne, is noted for its excellence.

  65. D says:

    I really love it back here. It’s good to reread this thread now and then, it keeps you real, man.

  66. D says:

    Say, anyone know how to play your own mp3s in GTA3? I am contactable via morse-code.

  67. mageebags says:

    What kind of forum is this?! D needs help! Why won’t you help him administrator?! Are you some kind of sadistic bastard?!!! HELP HIM FOR FUCK’S SAKE!! GODDAMN, THIS SHITBOX SITE MAKES ME SO FUCKING FURIOUS, I JUST WANT TO POP OUT SOMEONE’S EYES AND SUCK OUT THE TASTY RETINAS!!! GRRRRAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  68. lo-fi allstar says:

    Okay people, here’s how you can make your own radio station.

    Step #1 – Make a mix tape/CD.
    Step #2 – Turn on GTA3.
    Step #3 – Jack a car.
    Step #4 – Turn off the car’s radio.
    Step #5 – Play your mix tape/CD on a stereo.
    Step #6 – Enjoy!

  69. Sassy says:

    For fucks sake, I can’t believe this shit is still going, its the gift that keeps on giving….

  70. non-newbie says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, i getting tired of all newbies here go to the mp3 folder in gta III then copy your songs to that folder. go to a car choose mp3 player


  71. D says:

    Look, a marquee tag!

    It says “newbies.”

  72. Lazlo says:

    Holy shit. This place is overrun with the same fucking question! I’ll save you some hair and not ask the same question.

  73. Paul says:

    Absolute Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenius!!!!

  74. someone says:

    i bet you people are all virgins you faggot hos! why don’t you try and get a fuck rather than arguing over who knows more about about a crappy ps2 game. XBOX RULES….. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  75. mageebags says:

    Wow! “Someone” sure has a point! I bet we *are* all virgins!! After all, everyone knows that the amount of sex one has is directly related to the videogame console one owns. Man, those GameCube owners are FREAKS!!!!

  76. Xshare says:

    Some people are idiots… as proven by this page.

  77. D says:

    “someone”:, if you don’t mind, I’m going to take the liberty of trimming that simulated laugh effect down to, say, twelve syllables. I think your point will still be well made, however. Kudos to you.

  78. the postman says:

    This site is so funny! Is it me, or does playing gta3 make you horny? It might just be me, but generally, I gotta take a wank half way through playing! oh well! Better get back to the game!

  79. TOG says:

    Idiots! its so easy to do ^_^

  80. DC says:

    Does this place have a purpose?

  81. DC says:

    actually i found it

    How do I listen to mp3’s in the game?

    To listen to mp3’s in the game, simply drop the mp3 files you want to hear into your gta3/mp3 folder and start the game.
    Tune to the last station before you turn off the radio and there are your mp3’s!


  82. lalala says:

    you guys fucking rule! This is the funniest shit i have read in a long time!

  83. Anonymous says:

    my radio does not work on my computer what do i do

  84. Assyrian King says:

    Well if it doesnt work you go and buy the real game you cheap bastard and not use the ripped or pirated version

    p.s i am using a ripped version…anyone know where to get the radio files…..

    thanks !! 😉 hehehe

  85. D says:

    Here’s a hint for all you punks: learn to read. At this rate, you wouldn’t figure out how to do it if someone stapled the instructions to the inside of your eyelid. What do you people do, read like six words on this page and then rush to leave a comment?

    Otherwise, you might have noticed: a) this is not a GTA3 radio help site, or a GTA3 help site, or a GTA3 site or even a videogame site; b) no one with the exception of three of us has left more than one comment – like you, people come in, piss on the page and leave, never to read it again; and c) the only people who do read the page are fabulously disinclined to help you – even if we did know what the fuck to do, which we do not know.

    Of course, who will make it far enough down to read this? Thanks for nothin’, Google.

  86. shitbag says:

    eye of newt,leg of toad,lick my asshole touch my chode. ………………………recite this incantation fifty times while walking backwards through a cornfeild naked and youre mp3 radio station will work……………also works for making money mysticly spit from youre hard drive..NUCKING FEWBIES!!!!!!

  87. mageebags says:

    Feeling a tad pissy, are we D?

  88. D says:

    Ah, I figure if I feel like yelling at someone, I can just head back here.

    Not to set an example, though. Dear dirtbags: please mind your manners.

  89. NoOb says:

    Hey Toby, your mom’s a man. Whahahaha ha.

  90. mageebags says:

    Hmmm. Maybe I’ll let off some steam too! Motherfuckingdirtshitboxcuntasses!!!!!!

    Hey, that felt pretty good.

  91. D says:

    Editor’s Note: someone left the word “fuck” as a comment 22 times, then there was an equally stupid comment. Then these things were deleted.

  92. an avid troll says:

    D, I’ve read this page many times, always raises a chuckle :)…..question is, are you thinking of blogging vice city now its been released. And if so, can you get radio on the motorbike?

  93. D says:

    Yes, and yes! Just started playing it last night… when I can drag myself away from it long enough I’ll probably write a proper blog entry about it. And yes, radio works perfectly on the fabulous new motorbikes. And there’s plenty to be said about the radio in Vice City – there’s plenty more of it, for one thing.

  94. . says:

    For all those like me who have the myth rip GTA3 and have no radio stations
    I (Although finally getting around to doing it) have found the answer

    first you need to find the audio of the radio stations (Kazaa Lite has all
    of them in MP3 search for em)

    then once you have the radio stations you will need to convert them to a
    .wav file (This poses the biggest problem as they get quite large (around 2
    gig’s total) and is not for those who have little space)

    once you convert them to a .wav file then replace the files in the audio
    folder in the gta3 game folder and its done and working

    here are the file names for the radio stations

    (all are really in caps)

    HEAD.wav (Head radio)
    CLASS.wav (Double Clef radio)
    KJAH.wav (K Jah radio)
    RISE.wav (Rise radio)
    LIPS.wav (Lips 106 radio)
    GAME.wav (Game radio)
    MSX.wav (MSX radio)
    FLASH.wav (Flashback radio)
    CHAT.wav (Chatterbox radio)

    I have 5 of the 9 stations for the game and will eventually find the other 4
    but from what i have done it works

    I dont really think that putting an mp3 of the stations will work unless you
    change the game program script to play an mp3 instead of a wav but if
    someone dose and it works let the resto of us know.



  95. . says:

    To save space converting the mp3s to wav compress them using the IMA ADPCM format.

  96. :-) says:

    I got the .wavs for the radio off of KaZaA but when I put them into the audio folder for my mythGTA3 rip and start the program it asks for the second GTA3 cd. If you have a solution for this please respond, if not i’ll just have to be content using my own mp3s for a radio station (i’ve listened to some of the .wavs…it’s good stuff)

  97. . says:

    You might want to try some of the other cracked gta3.exes out there. Search kazaa, one is even named gta3 cd fix.

  98. hunter says:

    is there a place where I can dl or just listen to chatterbox online or otherwise ?? e-mail me back

  99. Anonymous says:


  100. King ralph says:

    Your page is sweet butt why do all the bum nutts keep leaving this shit here dont they know when enough is enough?

  101. . says:

    search google for gta + radio.
    this page (unfortunately) is top on the list.

  102. PEXI81 says:

    My favourite radio station is Head Radio and my favourite song is New Day. Isn´t that just great?

  103. Hunter says:

    I WANT CHATTER BOX !!!!!!! e-mail me at

  104. . says:

    oops, make that: search google for gta3 + radio.

    if you really want some interesting/informative reading search google groups for gta3 radio.

  105. D says:

    Thanks, “.”, for actually contributing something helpful. Hunter: you have great people skills. Are you by chance a TV executive?

  106. :-) says:

    I found out why the .wav files would not work, the program cannot handle IMA ADPCM compression. So instead of saving alot of space by that method I just remastered the tracks (only chattebox…it was HUGE [500+MB]) at a lower bit rate and the file sizes are much more Hunter: look on KaZaA as everyone has been saying you will find your file there and be able to survive yourself

  107. :-) says:

    By the way, I love KJAH…it is the best station to listen to when doing dont have to actually listen and lose concentration but it has awesome beats

  108. . says:

    hmm, that pcm compression didn’t work..? sorry to lead you down a wrong path (I was only regurgitating what someone else had said) guess he was full of it.
    My chat.wav is 600mb :-), I just used ole Sonique, Winamp would work fine too.
    imo, these radio stations are worth blowing 2gb over. I love listening to the classical station when the real heat is on. Feels soo… professional.. 🙂

  109. fucku says:

    why r u fucking around with mp3 conversions of .wav files? u can download the real thing from kazaa

  110. D says:

    Editor’s note: I deleted several more repetitive messages just now, and banned their author.

  111. D says:

    And I have once again strongly considered turning off commenting for this page, for what it’s worth. The drawback is that this prevents us all from viewing the ingenuity that has so far been collected herein.

  112. nOOb-TeRmInAtOr says:

    Ok, for all you morons actually reading this thread, using the ripped version of GTA3, and dont have a functioning radio, here’s what to do (without having to download all the stuff from kazaa, as someone was stupid enough to suggest):

    #1: Buy a CDR Burner…

    #2: Buy 2 empty CDS

    #3: Download a good burning program, the one that follows with the burner ALWAY sux.

    #4: Download an IMAGE file (*.ISO format preferrably) with GTA3 on it (you need both the first and second CD image…total about 1.5GB).

    #5: Put the empty CD in the CDR burner, open the burner program, and follow the instructions on how to use image files.
    Then burn the two CDs using the image files.

    #6: Install the game from your 2 burned CDS

    #7: Download a No-CD crack, since the game will know the burnt CD ain’t original.

    If you’re too dumb for that, just go buy the game like all the other dumb idiots…it’s a lot cheaper. And easier.

  113. Tom says:

    does anyone know how to change the names of the radio stations?

  114. Rev It UP!! says:

    Holy shit this thread is fucking halirious, and really helpful, i have myth’s ripped version and i CANT WAIT for vice city to come out in New Zealand. To everyone out there reading this, and espescially “D” YOU FUCKING RULE, KEEP IT REAL!

  115. creme filling says:


  116. ebk says:

    I’ve figured out how to get custom MP3s into the PS2 version of Vice City. Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Find a decent set of MP3’s. I suggest using LimeWire because it is riddled with spyware that makes your system run faster.

    2. Once you’ve downloaded those MP3’s, burn them to CD. You don’t need to convert them, but the game doesn’t allow for a higher bitrate on the MP3 files than 128.

    3. I don’t know how many of you know this, but if you have dual sided DVDs (Blade Runner is one off the top of my head, and The Adventures of Buttman) you can switch from side to side without turning over the DVD. GTA:VC is actually set up to use this functionality. All you have to do is take the GTA game disc and your MP3 disk and place them back to back, shiny sides out. Place them both in the tray in your PS2.

    (someone emailed me about this earlier today and mentioned that actually gluing the discs together prevents them from slipping. i haven’t tried it, but occasionally, when i’m playing, the songs skip because the discs slip against each other, so it sounds like a good idea.)

    4. Once you’ve got this working, you have to find the part of the game that lets you add the custom station to your tuner. First of all, that half of the map isn’t open at the beginning. What you need to do is finish the first six missions or so and find Phil’s place on the second island. Behind one of the trailers, you’ll find a hidden package and a weird looking old radio. If you walk up to the radio and use : “L,L,U,U,O,O,D,L,D” you should see the words “Tuner Cheat” appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Now when you get into cars, you can hear your radio station. I’ve even added my own station breaks so that I’m the dj!

    Also, D is not responsible if you have problems. The instructions are pretty clear. If you can’t get it to work, it’s something you did wrong.

  117. D says:

    You, sir, are a champion. (& I knew there must be a hidden package in Phil’s somewhere! But wandered around in there without finding it. Blast.)

  118. Smarter than your ass says:

    For someone who runs a GTA web forum you sure are an ignorant son of a bitch. If you can’t answer decent questions about GTA 3 and their damn radio stations maybe you should just admit you are an uneducated computer illiterate that barely manages to log on to AOL without supervision. In other words just type ” I don’t know how, I’m just a dumbass named Dragon”.

  119. D says:



    “someone who runs a GTA web forum”?

    My ass is a genius compared to you.

  120. ?? says:

    my mp3 folder doesnt have the radio stations. Anyone know where i could download them. VERY URGENT

  121. Hildago says:

    Shhhh! Watch your mouth, D, this guy runs a GTA3 forum on the *internet*!

  122. D says:

    New title for my autobiography: My Genius Ass. Or for my ass’ autobio, rather.

    Possessive of ass? Ass’? Ass’s? Asses’?

  123. Retard says:

    I haven’t played GTA3, but I’m thinking about starting a forum on the subject, with a focus towards the radio. Is your forum profitable? Fulfilling?

    By the way, I’m an “ass’s” man, myself. Oxford, however, is very ambiguous about the whole thing.

  124. D says:

    Funny that we are on the cutting edge of this ‘ass’ issue – you think the world would long ago have faced the hard truth, that asses own things.

  125. T-Rex says:

    How many times are you people gonna ask…. “How do I get my own radio?” If you don’t know how to search for a string on a web page, then read the whole God damn forum before asking that retarded question. The answer HAS ALREADY BEEN POSTED!!!! READ, YOU PEA BRAINS!!! Not like it’s that hard to figure out on your own… I mean… c’mon… there’s a folder in the GTAIII folder named mp3 …. hmmmm…. I wonder…. could that be where I put my mp3’s? Naaaa… couldn’t be.
    Just make an effort and TRY to think for yourself. Give it your best shot, you might impress yourself. It’s evolution, people. You gotta learn sometime.

  126. :-) says:

    That is perhaps the poignant thing I have ever seen expressed in writing. I first found this forum like many other people looking for a way to get the awesome GTA3 radio stations. Even though it is not the purpose of this forum, I was able to get the help and guidance that I needed in doing so from the various posts here. If you have a problem, please read the many many previous posts. If you actually came here to express your opinion about GTA or its radio stations please do. D, thanks for leaving the relevant off-topic posts up, they really helped me get the full game experience.

  127. Rev It UP!! says:

    If my computer could read, it would be laughing its hard-drive off right now……. so its a good thing it cant, otherwise i’d need a new hard-drive… anywhays just read this thread again ( i do have a life, really ) and made me laugh all da way, u guys rule, ps how to i get my own mp3s in gta3? NAH JOKES!!!!! thanks heaps for da info on downloading da stations from kazaa posted by, “.,” KEEP IT REAL

  128. mongo says:

    how do I get the special nekkid feature to work. I hear it r0x0rs!

  129. osaru says:

    hahahaha…. this shit is too funny 🙂

    how many people seriously had trouble finding the fucking mp3 directory…. hahahahhahahaha…. nice job D keep up the good work 🙂

    p.s. Phil’s Island can also be reached with the dodo…. but dont ask how you can fly the dodo properly… that would be a bad idea…. just get kazaalite or optionally half a braincell, and u might just figure it out for yourself…

    “with regards to the many inbred halfwit fools that wouldnt be ablt to find their own penis if it wasnt stuck to their forehead”

  130. Anonymous says:

    where the fuck is the gta3/mp3/ directory folder for the love of god please help me.

  131. mageebags says:

    Glad to see this collective act of insanity is continuing unabated…

  132. Grigory Rasputin says:

    Does anyone know how I can upload GTA3 radio mp3’s onto my answering machine?

  133. Rev It UP!! says:

    well “grigory’ i have an idea, play what u want on the computer, and PUT THE FREAKING PHONE UP TO THE SPEAKER, i dont know which hi-tech anwser maching ur using, but generally u cant “upload” things from your computer onto it, in fact im surprised you could get to this website, but might i ask, when your sitting around the computer, no sorry the “magic box” are you the only one who can “change the channel” YEHAW

  134. realalec says:

    Darkpoet, you kick. (this is in responce to the one a long time back…) You have been the one light in my search for radio on ripped gta3. It works (with .wav’s) I have tried. I have only found 5 stations though, like you.

  135. scott M. says:

    Where Can You Get the Radio files for Gta3? I have a pirated copy of gta3 and I have searched the internet for almost a year looking for the damn files. I have my own MP3’s to play on the radio instead, but the radio stations are more amusing.

  136. psychotikan says:

    …for getting high, there is no drug greater than X…


  137. :-) says:

    Would anyone be interested in the GTA3 radio stations hosted somewhere…i can save them as rather crappy mp3s so that they are small enough for free hosting…lol. I know this sounds stupid…but if you really want the station i think quality is not an extreme priority. I’m not gonna do it unless some people want them…(you would need to convert them from mp3 to wav if you want them as the literal stations)

  138. Insane Caller says:

    !!!!!!!LIBERTY CITY COCKS RULE!!!!!!!

  139. jackass says:

    Post the damn files so that no one else has to go through the bullshit that everyone else goes through when they search google!

  140. Stu says:

    Well ive got a idea for u bitches, GO FUCKING BUY A STEREO AND PLAY A FUCKING RADIO STATION!!!!! lol

  141. :-) says:

    I had nothing else to do for a while so I converted all of the GTA3 radio stations into low-fi MP3 format, made a page for them, got some free url forwarding, and uploaded all of the GTA3 radio stations to that site. I put up instructions about how to use the files once they are downloaded. I hope that any of you people who are either looking for the stations or how to put mp3s into your own GTA3 radio stations come and visit my site. The server hosting the giles is rather slow, but hey…its free. 🙂

  142. :-) says:

    In case any of you did not notice (as I almost did not when looking at my post), there is a link to my site on the 🙂 at the bottom of the post.

    The URL is:

  143. dan says:

    This comment thread has somehow enriched my life. Made me chuckle, anyway. D, you’re a star. See you in the new Rapper Dentist Daddy forum, maybe.

  144. Mongo says:

    Why don’t you little fucks actually buy the damn game. y’all aparently have mad 5|

  145. oskar dagrooch says:

    Okay- what the fuck; so how do I get GTA3 Radio in my new Snoop de Ville?

  146. (,.-'`)«««»»»«««»»»(`'-,.) says:

    This is probably the most hiarious site i have encountered. It goes to show how many dumbasses there are in the world.

    Keep it up, D

  147. akolade says:

    love this message board.

    i plan on making a nice Xmas radio station version for GTA3.

    driving over people whilst listening to “white christmas”. All good.

  148. HALO says:

    Ass in the posessive = ass’ (and no, it works both for the singular and the plural posessive forms).

  149. Achilles says:

    When my friend emailed me the link to this site telling me how funny it was, I didn’t believe him.
    In fact, I let it sit in my basket for two weeks before finally coming here.
    I have never before come across a larger collection of inane postings. The next time my wife tries telling me that the internet is evil I think I will start believing her. Thank you D, this comment board has made me lose what little faith I had in the human race.

    Also: Harry Connick Jr. and his dulcet tones KICK ASS when you mow down a crowd of downtown shoppers! Home-made X-MAS GTA3 radio. You love it!

  150. purplenurple says:

    Question 1
    How du I get my radio 2 work on GTA3?
    I tried to glue it on my PS2 but I just glued my fingers in my face.
    Question 2
    I have a phillips radio my d4ddy bought in the 80:s but it won’t play any 80’s music.



  151. James says:

    i need help i got gta 3 ripped by myth and the radio doesnt work? y how do i fix it

  152. :-) says:

    If you are seriously looking for help with that you can do one of three things:
    (1- You can actually read the posts above here instead of just adding ur own
    (2- You can actually return to this site after you have posted
    (3- You can go fuck yourself if you are one of the regualr posters being an asshole
    (4-You can go to:

  153. :-) says:

    bah…i am an idiot…i can not count correctly…that was 4 things

  154. :-( says:

    forget my site…1/2 of the files were deleted by the freehosting provider…and i am too lazy to spend the time to upload them again..or to create another account…

  155. Anonymous says:

    if you can understand this then go ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    su sitio es desperdicios y usted es el jugar muy triste todo el dia en sitios del porn de gta3. es ciudad del gta de los better(ps vice es MIERDA!)

    whats wrong can’t read it (ps its in spainish)

  156. D says:

    More nonsense deleted, more IPs banned.

  157. Foz says:

    Wow. Just read the whole page–and I don’t even play video games.

    Although, I’m pretty sure I could’ve figured out how to build a shortwave radio from scratch, converted the transmissions into wave files and then mp3s (the extra step is just for the Hell of it), hardwired those to the metal fillings in my teeth, bounce those transmissions off a satellite and then to my brother’s GTA3 radio in Hamilton before most of these idiots figured out this isn’t a help desk.

    Some experiment you’ve created in deed, D.

  158. dude says:

    Hi guys,

    Has anyone tried copying the radio station wav files (on the 2nd disc of the PC version) to an audio CD? I’ve tried with musicmatch and windows media player, and both don’t work …

    Thanks heaps! Chatterbox rocks!


  159. GTB says:

    Hey folks, I am looking to download Flashback Radio Complete, but all I can find is Lips 106 Complete. Any ideas? BTW I do own the game for the PS2 because I support good games, and Rockstar hasn’t let me down yet

  160. Nowthen says:

    I’ve just got the myth rip of gta3 and tried to sort out the save game bollox with that patch 1.1 but it don’t work. Ant1 know which patch I need an where it is?

  161. :-) says:

    Try this file, it worked for me:
    (it is a .exe but the damn free web hosting deletes .exes….just rename it)

  162. Drake says:

    as of late kazaa hasn’t provided many of the files, Ive done some searches
    Yeah, I support myths cracking of games, they do a decent job and usually the cuts they make are ones I agree with they just underestimated the importance of the radiostations
    More props to D, for letting this monster live
    Im trying to get the files off of Mr. Sensei now, the page he created. Ill be back if I have no luck. ja~

  163. :-) says:

    yeah dude, sorry about the site…the provider of the free hosting doesnt like mp3 hosting so they deleted one of my 3 accounts that i used to host those files…some of them are still there (i’d make another one but they take 1 week till ur allowed to upload aanything bigger than like 750KB)i’ll try to fix that though…give me a little time

  164. :-) says:

    well…i took the time to get the site back up. It has the files up (they all work right now Dec. 22) and I’ve added the save-game fix and a link to a program that can do .mp3 to .wav conversions (it’s a legal demo! hehe…). I also added my IM information on the contact page so if any of you are ever on and have a question just ask me. Thats about it…if you have any ideas or suggestions e-mail/IM them to me.

  165. SN says:

    Hi, like some people I got the one from myth. DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT LOAD SAVED GAMES?? aahhh, much better. Then I’ll worry about a radio.

    get all your mp3 on a cd-rw from i.e. musimatch jukebox(get the free bee, just as good)
    burn them
    now play them from the cd usin MMB
    boot GTA
    turn sound effects on high and music on low
    99.9% of sound will be effects and your music, the other is to low to notice. bonus you get to here the radio even out side the car

    either that or copy to directory people

    now could some one help me??

  166. :-) says:

    if you reead any of the previous posts or looked at my page you would see that there is a patched .exe file there specifically fixing to load-game error 🙂 enjoy

  167. SN says:

    oh, I found it thax, trust me I’ll enjoy it alot(it doesnt sound the way I meant)lol

  168. Sn says:

    Ahhh whats wrong a required .DLL, MSS32,DLL was not found on thats file. What should I do??

  169. Sn says:

    Oh, never mind, if any one else wondered drag the game over the patch type thing.


    my last question, hwrer did u find it?? cuase I coudlnt find a thing barely…

  170. Sn says:

    Hey man, got some toolz and made a appling patch to GTA3 rip that doesnt require the .dll, I’ll put it on my site and post it in a bit. You can throw it on yours to. It was made using patch fx using the supposed cracked game(acctualy the patch renamed to exe.)and appied to game. I’m gonna see if I can do the same to 1.1, that would fix our audio station prob. back soon Sn

  171. :-) says:

    Well…like the rest of you probably I downloaded the MYTH GTA3 rip off of KaZaA…then I played it a little bit and saved…when I tred to re-enter my game and it crashed, I got pissed. I spent like aa week checking KaZaA all of the time for a patch and eventually I found one. The radio stations were a different matter, I didn’t even know they were there till it hit my mouse wheel when I was in a car one time. After that i searched for them, found this site, got the file names, found them on KaZaA (with only 1 person to download from I might add), and waited a long time to get them all. Then I kept on coming back to this message board that helped me and am trying ot make sure other people don’t have the same problems that I did. I hope my site helps. 🙂 Mr. Sensei

  172. Chuck says:

    Mr. Sensei whats the adress to your site?

  173. :-) says:

    either click the smiley face at the bottom of any of my posts or just type this into your browser’s address bar:

  174. Anonymous says:

    If anyone here knows a faster place where I could host the .mp3 (or perhaps even .wav if there is enough space) versions of the radio stations for free? E-mail/IM me or post here if you have any ideas…that would make getting them from me alot less of an ordeal.

  175. :-) says:

    If anyone here knows a faster place where I could host the .mp3 (or perhaps even .wav if there is enough space) versions of the radio stations for free? E-mail/IM me or post here if you have any ideas…that would make getting them from me alot less of an ordeal.

  176. :-) says:

    sorry about that, my browser slowed down and i clicked the submit button two times…

  177. :) says:

    sorry about that, my browser slowed down and i clicked the submit button two times…

  178. Little 'Ol Me says:

    Hey…you guys got an active blog goin’ on…I have the MYTH GTA3 release, the load-game patch, and the radio stations and the game has been wonderful. All of the sudden, the sounds in the entire game no longer work. I looked at my audio setup and it says I have no audio hardware…does anybody here know how to fix/deal with this kind of problem?

  179. scrawnyb says:

    try updating your drivers for sound card and also download directx 9…. i had the same problem in directx games until i did both

  180. Mike says:

    Will someone PLEASE e-mail me the MSX Radio MP3’s
    I cant get them
    i know dj timecode is the dj
    and code breaker is the mc
    but i want to burn them to cd



  181. Sn says:

    hey :-), I have a prob. I downloaded your radio files, converted to wav. put them in the audio folder and when I booted the game it asks for disk 2, and I’m using the myth rip. How do I get in if it’s asking for disk 2


    ok, I’m calmer now, help please.

  182. :-) says:

    that happened for me too the first time i tried using a mp3 to replace the .wavs…give me a little time and i will get the specific .wav stats necessary for the cd not to be called for
    (in the meantime, get the file on my website called “replaceme.wav” it has an explanation there)

  183. :-) says:

    nix that, it’s called “renameme.wav”

    (This file can be renamed and used to replace any of these radio stations that you might not want…it will hold its place so the game works correctly.)

  184. GTA FAN FOREVER says:

    So, How do you get your own mp3’s on the PS2 ver. of GTA Vice City ????

    ANYONE …….


  185. Anonymous says:


  186. Mookie says:

    I know this isn’t exactly related to the topic, but…
    I am using the myth rip of GTA3 and it freezes at exactly the same spot everytime I play it.

    Any suggestions?


  187. :-) says:

    Not that this will help you…but specifically where in the game does it it graphically intensive? or just loading a new mission? give us some specifics

  188. Mookie says:

    It freezes during the intro movie sequence (robbing the bank). If I skip the movie, then it freezes after I drive a certain distance in the car. If I don’t drive the car and walk, then it finds another spot to freeze.

    This seems as if its related to the graphics card. Also, when I first started up the program it said I needed to upgrade directx. So I downloaded directx 9, maybe this is the problem.

    My comp: Voodoo 3 graphics card, 800 Mhz thunderbird AMD, 256 MB RAM


  189. :-) says:

    Does it freeze after a certain distance or after a certain time? Once after an aborted installation I had a problem where random programs would close after being open for 20 seconds. To fix it I eventually had to back-up my computer and reformat. I doubt that you have the same strange problem but if it is a timed freeze it may be a problem with a corrupted file. Try reinstalling (i guess that would actually be re-unzipping) the game into a new directory. 🙂

  190. anon says:

    I did all the crap mr sensai says and downloaded EVERYTHING but the fix still doesn’t work! please help me!

  191. anon says:

    Hey!!! I found a petition to sing for the release of vice city on PC!!!

    Go sign it!!!

    go to: or click my name!

  192. anon says:

    My signature is number 14838!! As you can see, they got stacks of votes!!!

  193. Miguel says:

    My favorite radio is RISE FM. I think that RISE FM is one of the best radios in the game!

  194. Ed says:


    Voodoo 3 will not work with GTA3. It does not have enough video memory. I had the same prob. You need at least 32Mb video memory to play GTA3

  195. Mookie says:


  196. anon says:

    Is a 256 video card good?

  197. anon says:

    Is Geforce some numbers any good?

  198. D says:

    :-), I appreciate that you’re taking the time to help these people.

    However, please don’t be annoyed if I ask you to take it to email or to your site. Thing is, I never pirated GTA3 and never intended this site to be about helping people pirate software. Not that I want to pass judgment on you folk who do it – it’s just that I guess I’m worried I’ll get sued for “providing a forum that encourages piracy” or some shit like that.

    So from now on, no more posts about pirating things, fixing illegal rips, ripping illegal this that or anything. I’ll delete anything along those lines. I’ll leave up anything before this point for posterity.

    Hope everyone understands. 🙂

  199. D says:

    D, I can’t get the radio in my car to work. Can you fix it? It’s a pirated Ford Mustang Coupe 67 in London City with leather upholstry and an 8-track, but when I try to listen to my favorite mp3s it doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

  200. Cade says:

    Ok if anyone has problems with gta3 freezing i have the solution. Like they said, it is because of the video card…its over heating. This is what i did and still do and because of it none of my games, even with intense graphics, ever freeze. First off I have a bad proccessor, 400mghz but my game never freezes. Of course i do have 192mb of ram but thats another story. Anyway, unplug the computer and open the computer case. Second get a fan, such as a home fan that you keep cool with, and face it into the computer case. Plug the computer back in without touching the inside of the computer. Turn the fan onto high and your video card stays cool through the whole game and never freezes!!! I could’t belive it the first time but it worked. My game used to not get 2 minuets withougt freezing. Of course your game may still be a little lagy but you will be able to play. People may think im crazy but i mean it, a fan keeps it cool and it works!!!!!!! JUST DON’T TOUCH THE INSIDE OF THE COMPUTER OR THE MOTHERBOARD WHILE POWER IS IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  201. D says:

    Many, many comments deleted. C’mon shitbags, you can do better than that!

  202. D says:

    I like that one about opening up the case and directing a fan at it, though. I can’t tell if it’s sincere or not. If so, I’d like to see this guy’s car.

  203. D says:

    Okay, more comments deleted, and enough’s enough – I’m sick of playing cyber-nanny. Hopefully I’ve figured out the right code, and you can no longer comment in this thread.

    It’s been a thrill ride, shitheads.

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