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The nominations are up.

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  1. king says:

    Do you think Shrek is going to win best adapted screenplay? That’s all I care about.

  2. D says:

    I can’t believe that Waking Life isn’t nominated in the new animated category. Mind-boggling, but typical Academy behaviour, I suppose.

  3. mageebags says:

    I can’t believe Ice-T didn’t get a nom for his stunning work in “3000 Miles to Graceland”! He wuz robbed!!!

  4. D says:

    Okay, Ebert not only copies my Linklater-related incredulity, he reveals himself to be a Mac paranoiac of the highest order:

    The new animation category got off on the wrong foot by including “Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius” among its three nominees, instead of Richard Linklater’s ground-breaking “Waking Life,” which was not only a better film but introduced a revolutionary new low-cost technique for bringing animation into the world of independent film. Perhaps old-line Hollywood pros resent that upstarts from Austin, Texas, could use desktop Macintoshes to compete with multimillion-dollar CGI workstations.

    It’s all here.

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