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capital of the 3rd world

I’m going to LA next week. Never been there before. I’d like to hear about hotspots, coldspots, happyspots, sadspots, or any type of spot I should visit. Film landmarks would be nice. I know to go to Sunset Blvd., Mulholland Drive, Venice Beach, and Mann’s Chinese… Any suggestions? (if you don’t want to leave an email address just make one up, please)

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  1. D says:

    Can I get a witness?

  2. phalkin says:

    try the Burgundy Room on cahuenga, and Mel’s drive-in on sunset. the BR is a blast on friday nights if you can get in, and Mel’s has some of the best Chili in LA.

    There’s also Pink’s (uber chilidog), R23 (uber sushi), or Roscoe’s house of chicken and waffles. You might also want to try hitting spaceland in silver lake.

  3. D says:

    thanks, phalkin… foolishly, I didn’t check back here while in LA – obstacles too numerous to mention prevented me from getting online that much. So sadly, I didn’t hit up any of these spots, although I came close to going to spaceland.

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