Angry Robot

robots to prince

I have a thing for giant robots. Possibly, it’s caused by some childhood dream-memory. I did watch Robotech as a kid, but it feels a little deeper-rooted than that. Does operating a giant robot recreate the feeling of towering over one’s toys as a child? Who cares – what I was trying to say is this: my interest in giant robots is such that the mere mention of giant-robot-related stage antics in a CD review warranted a wholesale dropping-of-everything-I’m procrastinating and an immediate search for mp3s by the band in question. Although I have yet to unearth any mp3s (fuck you very much, RIAA), I did discover that founding member Warren Defever was also in a band called “Elvis Hitler.” I also found that the Mac version of Limewire works surprisingly well. I didn’t find any His Name is Alive – go figure – but I downloaded “Pussy Control” by Prince, which rekindled my interest in that small, funky man.