Angry Robot

Transit Map of Imperial Rome

The Roman Empire’s Roads In Transit Map Form

Pocketable Surface Render

Cooool. Reminds me of the tablets in Westworld.

“Six months ago, a conservancy official cleaning out an office came across two cardboard boxes that had been sitting around for decades. Inside were 2,924 color slides, pictures made in parks across New York City’s five boroughs late in the summer of 1978. No one had looked at them for 40 years.” (via)

There is a Canadian hip-hop history exhibit going down at the McMichael; pictured: Michie Mee. (Thanks Ed)

This is our newest creation, Eamon.

lake house

This is great: 70 new stations to Bike Share TO in August.

Transcript & slides from a great talk about Keeping VR Weird, basically. I used to love Mondo 2000 when I was a teen.

Maps of choose-your-own-adventure books

US cable could lose 1 million subscribers in one quarter.

wally tshirt

Love it – tiny $27k prefab from Muji