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New MacBook Pro Has Already Outsold All Competing Laptops This Year

Apparently not as loathsome a machine as nerds on twitter would have you believe

Fuck Everything And Blame Everyone

inessential: Responsibility and Hope


Words fail. But reading takes over. I see it happening, again – it goes in waves. The last one started with 911 and continued until Bush was re-elected, a situation I had convinced myself was not going to happen. Through that whole time I read reams of articles about US and world politics, and posted many of them on the blog. Then, with a crushing disappointment, I wanted to turn away from politics altogether. Bring on the video games! I think it was.

I have been posting lots of Trump links. I find him hilarious, almost irresistibly so. But that funniness was predicated on him not becoming president. I had convinced myself that it was impossible, that the nation that elected Obama wouldn’t turn around and elect a con artist, racist, misogynist, narcissist… you know all the character flaws.

It’s hard to laugh as you read this. The only way to even be hopeful is to hope that he won’t actually do the things he has said he’d do: he is a con man, after all. Repeal Obamacare? The Wall? Deportation squads? Torture? Encourage the FBI to harass Muslim-Americans? Turn a blind eye as Russia envelops its neighbours? Cut climate spending? Not hilarious, any of this stuff. Let’s hope he’s bullshitting as usual!

I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be writing about my daily Trump-related outrages here – in fact, I plan to not have them. It’s bad for the health. I live in Canada, after all. In my house, with my great family! And I’m into all other sorts of things! I am going to focus on that for a while. I’m sure there will be plenty of coverage, and outrage, elsewhere on the net. You don’t need me for that, and neither do I!

Me, I’m going to write the boring, irrelevant shit that only I could write.

The real Clinton email scandal is that a bullshit story has dominated the campaign

Meet Donald Trump’s Top FBI Fanboy

Lots of back story related to the recent, timely FBI leaks

How Female Fans Made ‘Star Wars’ Their Own

Watch a drone hack a room full of smart lightbulbs from outside the window

Welcome to the future

Loss Haunts A Tribe Called Quest’s First Album in 18 Years

Phife’s stuff was recorded before he died. Album coming on the 11th

CMRA – The Camera for Apple Watch

Redesigning Waxy, 2016 edition

lol Waxy redesigns and posts a sad, reflective post about how blogging is dead. I lol because I am doing my own (pointless?) redesign and move to WordPress, but I’m pretty sure I’m too stubborn to care if blogging is dead. Long live the blog…?

A Veteran Spy Has Given the FBI Information Alleging a Russian Operation to Cultivate Donald Trump

Apple Should Buy Netflix

Google: Our Assistant Will Trigger the Next Era of AI

Ominous sounding: “The Transition”

More Than Paint and Planters: Ten Cycling Lessons from the Dutch

Good list

Game Day: Mini Metro


The Book That Predicted the 2016 Election 14 Years Ago

“The Emerging Democratic Majority” which predicted the coalition of women and minorities that would elect Obama.

Conversely, the Republican failure to appeal to women and minorities, especially the fastest-growing group, Hispanics – and indeed to nominate a candidate that could not conceivably do more to drive women and Hispanics away from the Republican party – is an epic fail, whose epicness may not yet be fathomed.

The Pentagon’s ‘Terminator Conundrum’: Robots That Could Kill on Their Own

The New York Times is buying The Wirecutter for more than $30 million

The Creepiest Pictures on the Internet

re this Twitter account

Inside The Strange, Paranoid World Of Julian Assange

Will VR Matter

top shelf Vic Berger action

Promo video for Nintendo’s new console. It is a much clearer idea than the Wii U, and the identity is great. But third party support and price are key.

High Hitler: how Nazi drug abuse steered the course of history | Books | The Guardian

Nazis on chocolate meth? Sounds insane at first but becomes almost self-evident when you think about it