Angry Robot

Personal Trumpendectomy, Day 1

I’m trying to cut Trump out of my life and the prognosis is bleak. The news sites have no headlines without the word “Trump” in them. My Twitter feed is all Trump-related hair-pulling (notable: not one Trump supporter). Random strangers are talking about him everywhere: streetcar, coffee shop. Everyone at work, obviously. Facebook: screwed. In retrospect, the timing was impulsive and just plain bad. I find myself sneaking looks at Twitter despite myself and loading up Trump linx and reading them and nodding. Why did people vote for him? What should be done now? Perhaps ignoring isn’t the best response and/or even feasible…. Aaaaargh!

It’s all an urban-rural divide. It’s all white people. They’re racist. Yet a lot of them must have voted for Obama? Or, the Democrats abandoned working class whites. Hillary’s a flawed candidate. She’s fine but she didn’t excite the base, so they didn’t turn out like Obama did. Trump got the same votes as Romney. Alternately, he got more votes out of Romney areas than Romney did.

Or, since HRC actually won the popular vote, we should really be talking about how well she did and how it was Trump who failed.

Is it wrong that the best take on Trump’s appeal is from Cracked? Did I already link to that? I don’t even know anymore.

I’m personally fond of those posts that say, “let’s get back to work and resist.” I admire the grit, the unwillingness to rend garments and wail and gnash teeth. Is my urge to turn away and ignore reality really that great a response? But what could I do anyway? I’m not some famous beret-clad rebel leader soul-searching from his secret jungle lair, I’m just another upset liberal white nerd typing on the internet. Not that helpful! Sad!, even! Is there some other way? To do something constructive from Canada? I don’t know. I still want to try and take a break from politics from a while, but I’m not very good at it.