Angry Robot

A Blog Post

I am going to write a god damn blog post, god damn it. This blog has been on my mind a lot, but I rarely do anything about it. Essentially I want to kinda redesign it a little and change out the back end, but is it worth doing all that for something I spend very little time doing? How committed am I to this?

(In case you hadn’t tuned out already, this is a category of post that is almost certainly uninteresting to read, in which the author questions his will to write. Imagine the signal shorting out and a graphic coming on the screen of a harried writer crying and drinking, and maybe tune in later. K?)

Like what’s this fucking thing for, basically? My story to myself about it is that I collect inputs of interest and then use it to process my thoughts via writing, which I think may have been the case at some point in the aughts (do people still say that, or do I sound like I’m a hundred years old). But now it’s more like, I link to interesting articles sometimes, or sometimes don’t, and then I want to post some pics or songs I like but it’s a pain in the ass and I only ever seem to be grabbing five minutes here and there because I have a three year old and a full time job and if I’m not tending to one of those things I’m collapsing sighingly into the couch with Netflix and an overgenerous pour of the brown liquor which gives you Energy and Strength.

But I also think the things I was used to writing about, to thinking about, to wanting to process, are no longer the things I currently need to process. I would like the life-stream aspects of this thing to function properly, yes – hence the desired move to a back-end system that is not like a cobwebbed abandoned relic – but perhaps the more important thing to figure out is what I do really want to write about, and perhaps I am unwilling to cast myself as the mommy blogger or home-reno douchebag I appear to be transforming into? I would LOVE to write more about the collapse of my industry (TV! Lol) but that is far from politically expedient. I am not an exhibitionist, honest, so perhaps at times I wonder if I want to be posting anything on here at all, but then I consider how our in our self-surveilling society it is better to treat this as the Age of Honesty and Openness and if you don’t post it yourself it’s just gonna wind up on checkoutthisfuckingagingbloggerdipshit.gif anyway. I mean it’s 2016, I’m aware no one writes blogs anymore. I know you’re all on the Facing Books posting cat anus selfies or whatever it is you do over there.

Anyway. Clearly I have lost the ability to actually edit blog posts, along with write them. So here is what I will do. I will post one post a day, for a month, and then see how I feel about the whole operation. So adjust your RSS feeds accordingly haha WOW! OK I’ll get back in my time capsule and head to whenever the year of RSS and stunt blogging marathons was – 1989? No but seriously see you here tomorrow and if I don’t show up, flash that crying writer PNG again in your very understanding and hopefully forgiving mind.