Angry Robot

Awesome spot.

U.S. top court rejects Nestlé bid to throw out child slavery suit

I read this article and decided I would stop buying Nestle products, which sucks because they basically make everything. Like every chocolate bar, frozen pizza, bottled water. Oh well, at least I’m not an indentured child labourer on a cocoa plantation. More here

The Lawyer Who Became DuPont’s Worst Nightmare

Unbelievable. Almost.

Toronto Hydro privatization plan in the works

One could make the argument that given the inevitable coming boom in household solar, it’s a good time for governments to sell off their energy utilities- while they still have value.

Bragi’s truly wireless earbuds are finally here, and they’re actually good

These sound sweet, especially if Apple kills the headphone jack on new iPhones – but they cost $300 USD.

Six things we're looking forward to welcoming to the east side in 2016

New park, brewery, theatre, hotel. Go East Side!

Millennials set to drive change in real estate market

Basically the choice between city / suburb has become even more stark: the only affordable places in the city are tiny condos, and the only affordable places in the suburbs are really far away.

An Oral History of Street Cents: the Best Kids' Show Ever on Canadian TV

Awesome. (via)

Vector illustrations are more than just fun on the iPad Pro

Rabbit raising in Nazi concentration camps

Oh, Baz. Great promo.

Scarborough movie fans mourn passing of beloved ticket taker

Netflix announces it's now live in 130 new countries including India and Russia

This scale is what makes Netflix incredibly dangerous to incumbent media companies, which are mostly national in scope.

Segway Robot

Literally building on the segway platform. Atom processor, running Android (fitting)

Top Ten 2015 Games You Don’t Have To Play

What Goes Through Your Mind: On Nice Parties and Casual Racism

This is Faraday Future’s ridiculous 1,000-horsepower electric concept car

Not a real car. Not exactly clear what they are selling, or when.

Hive-CM8 Apologizes For Leaking Hateful Eight DVD Screener

Meant to share this earlier. So if you were looking to watch a Nic Cage marathon, hope you have a time machine.

Geek male identity has been reduced to Kylo Ren thrashing a computer with his sword – this needs to change

“actually it’s about ethics in galactic domination”