Angry Robot

Cars smaller than anything in Canada all the rage in Japan

Kei cars. Sounds good to me.

Turns Out, the NDP Just Wasn't Ready – How The NDP Campaign Failed

How private lenders and debt-crazed homebuyers are pushing Toronto's real estate market to the brink

Sky-is-falling piece from Toronto Life, but the parts about private lenders sure are eye-opening.

The disappearing middle class is threatening major retailers

The poor things.

Trudeau names Morneau to finance, Dion to foreign, Wilson-Raybould to justice

Cabinet announced. 50% women. Nothing for Bill Blair or Adam Vaughan.

That wallet looks niiiice.

Apparently the thing I often do, where I go to sleep fine but wake up wide awake around midnight, is how everyone used to sleep before electricity. But now it’s called insomnia. Who knew! (thanks, Juice)