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Early Notes on the Ashley Madison Hack

“Most of the responses and acknowledgements I’m reading now are either straight news stories or… jokes? I’m not sure anyone is really reckoning with how big this could be, yet.”

Poll Tracker: NDP continues to lead subtly shifting national race

This is one hell of a tight race so far.

That time when the Jays had songs, anthems & albums

The O.G. Jays theme is awesome. The Lloyd Moseby rap? Not so much.

100 Days of Pleasantries

illustrated stripper diaries – NSFW. (via)

A Murderous Climb

featuring an awesomely creepy statue

As You Sow Files Notice Of Legal Action Against Soylent Super Food

For containing lead.

The ethics of modern web ad-blocking

Troublemaker: why chief planner Jennifer Keesmaat may be exactly what Toronto needs right now

Toronto Life, but good article.

Cord-Cutting Gets Ugly: U.S. Pay-TV Sector Drops 566,000 Customers in Q2

plus big stock sell-off.

Puerto Rico Crisis Goes From Bad to Worse

Conservatives were sure Trans-Pacific Partnership deal would be signed

but it fell apart over shady auto industry dealings by the U.S.

The TPP Copyright Chapter Leaks: Canada May Face Website Blocking, New Criminal Provisions & Term Extension

Maybe these trade megapacts wouldn’t get such a bad name if they didn’t try to sneak through unpopular anti-consumer legislation. (See also: pharma section)

Our old planning rules of thumb are “all thumbs”

City planning from the 20th century is being thrown out. They would have known this in the 60s if they’d listened to Jane Jacobs.

Ernest Hemingway and the art of phony manliness

Brando's madness, Val Kilmer's ego, and the folly of Dr Moreau

Fabulous account of the shooting of “The Island of Dr Moreau”, one of the best nutso Brando movies:

  <blockquote>        <p>With changes being made to the script on a daily basis, actually learning it seemed pointless, so Brando had his dialogue read aloud to him line by line via an earpiece during filming. Sometimes the signal would be drowned out by a local police scanner, and Thewlis would later reminisce about Moreau shouting in the middle of a scene: “There’s a robbery at Woolworths”. </p>  </blockquote>

How I Gave Up Alternating Current

probably promo for Soylent 2.0 but still an interesting exercise in imagining different ways of living, if somewhat train-wrecky and/or cringeworthy at times