Angry Robot

Pioneering hypertext project Xanadu released after 54 years

SOURCE: Globe Editorial Board endorsed Wynne Liberals, was overruled

Don’t piano teachers deserve the same ‘protection’ as prostitutes?

Tabatha Southey on the latest crackpot nonsense from The Harper Government

Why Liberals and Tories both believe they will win a minority

What a miserable election. I would never vote for Hudak’s PCs and I feel like I want to punish both the Liberals and the NDP. One day before the election and I still have no idea who I’m going to vote for.

Where do we put all the babies?

On the baby boom in downtown Toronto.

How many ridings are really in play in this Ontarian election?

Not many. This time around the whole system feels broken.

Ford brothers sought city work for printer with family firm dealings

Robyn Doolittle at the Globe, with Greg McArthur and John Lorinc. They have interviews with a whistleblower at Deco, who was motivated by Rob Ford’s recently reported anti-Semitic comments. The Ford bros told us this would never happen.

McSweeney’s: Client Feedback On the Creation of the Earth.

Explaining the Bi-directional Cycle Track Folly

Bidirectional cycle tracks are more dangerous and haven’t been used in Copenhagen in decades.

Murder Machines: Why Cars Will Kill 30,000 Americans This Year

I feel like I’ve already linked to this? I think it was a radio doc going over similar issues. It’s worth a read for some good points – ignore the inflammatory headline.

WWDC Yesterday

Here’s Apple’s iOS 8 Overview site. And here’s the site for OS X Yosemite. I’m more psyched about both new OSes than I have been for any in a while. My favourite upcoming features, which all solve problems that I’ve faced quite recently:

In other news, The OS X design flattening is quite tasteful (font: Helvetica Neue). Finally, I’m not a developer but I’m excited for Siracusa that a new programming language has appeared as he hoped it would.

Mirvish-Gehry vision for King Street is scaled down, but there’s nothing timid about it

More positive follow-up to my previous post on the subject. I still don’t get how no one’s talking about transit problems in the area, but I guess it’s a larger issue and maybe that’s started.