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Inside the Strange New World of DIY Brain Stimulation

Rob Ford: One Wild Night in March

Oh dear.

What a Ford-free Toronto looks like

Beautiful piece from Goldsbie.

“She flung her anus high in the air”

OCR fail.

A bicyclist's guide to Toronto: Where to go and what to avoid

The Globe did this a year ago. It’s pretty neat.

30 min doc about the funky, elusive Nigerian synth-boss.

Nintendo reports third consecutive annual loss as Wii U sales fizzle out

Hadn’t paid attention to console sales in a while. Nintendo is doing badly; even the 3DS has dropped. Sony is well ahead of Microsoft: apparently the PS3 is outselling the Xbox One.

Cabin Porn™

why am I only finding this now?

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford continues to make calls, says rehab is like football camp in interview with newspaper

Also, was spotted at a Tim Hortons. And Doug refuses to rule out running for mayor. Since I wrote that the headline on CP24 changes to “Doug Ford says he was at west-end coffee shop not mayor”.

Is Rob Ford at Guelph rehab facility?

Since he was red-flagged at the US border. Followup question: should they have kept his location a secret? It just makes people want to look for him. I do get why he would want privacy, although he is still mayor so I’m not sure he deserves it.

Michael Geist – Canadian Telcos Asked to Disclose Subscriber Data Every 27 Seconds

Just in case we start thinking we’re any better than the US in this matter.

The truth behind one YouTube account's 77,000 mysterious videos

Advice to Saskatchewan firm 'intimidating' to foreign workers, law prof says

Temporary foreign workers who were in danger of becoming “Canadianized” were “reminded” that they could be sent home if they got too demanding. “Apparently, among the worker demands the company was referring to were requests for time off.”

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is an embarrassment.

To Build a Better Mousetrap

Capitalist metaphor game. From the release notes

  <blockquote>        <p>The result is somewhat cryptic, dry, and against the current trend of narrative indie games, but some players may recognize a cast of classic characters: the Surplus Value, the Reserve army of labor, the Fordist class compromise, the alienation resulting from division of labor, and one of today’s hottest capitalist contradictions: the decline of employment as result of labor saving technologies a.k.a. “the tendency of the rate of profit to fall”.</p>   </blockquote>

The Largest Vocabulary in Hip hop

Aesop Rock, but the Wu clan is thick like plaster. (via)

Space Riders: Division Earth

New webseries from Mark Little, Picnicface alumnus, and Dan Bierne. I’ve watched three so far and: three thumbs up. Worth waiting through all the pre-rolls.

Our Rob Ford problem: We forgive him

Tabitha Southey is a genius.

 <blockquote>        <p>In both its tone and time span, the Rob Ford administration has come to feel like a surreal and often anarchic telethon. We’ve grown used to an increasingly bizarre cast of D-list celebrities and stricken-looking volunteers asking us to pledge our pity to Rob Ford, lest he go off the air.</p>    </blockquote>

Majority of Toronto residents think Rob Ford should resign: Poll

Forum Research polls rely on automated calls to land lines and thus may overstate Ford’s support. So it’s significant that his latest round of operatic disgrace has dropped his likely voter number to 25% from 29.

The Strange Triumph of 'The Little Prince'

A transcript of the Rob Ford audio tape

The Great Spaceship of Toronto

Re: the PATH system – “the available square footage is greater than the Constitution-class Starship Enterprise from the original Star Trek.”

Your Baby Is Worthless If It Isn't a DJ

thanks, Tony

Rob Ford did cocaine on wild night, witnesses say

Contains cocaine, Bieber, and vomit. Last night was quite the night for Ford news.

Ford says he's choosing rehab over death