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Rob Ford Spiraling Towards Jail News Update Number 426

So, where were we? When he was tailed by a news helicopter on Friday I thought we were in the climax to Goodfellas and figured he would get busted soon, ideally after a horse chase with the Mounties. But no, he stopped to get a pepperoni stick and pronounced it “hot” and “good”. His executive council held a press conference where they basically said they were worried but wouldn’t say what they were going to do. Then on his radio show sunday he apologized, but not for what you were thinking maybe? Seems like he was apologizing for public drunkenness and distracted driving, but won’t quit drinking, isn’t an alcoholic or a drug addict but won’t say whether he’s ever done drugs, or what was in the packages he exchanged with Lisi in parking lots, forests and gas stations across Etobicoke.

This is why that’s not good enough – but you probably know that.

What happens now? First off, the Lisi ITO still contains some crazy redacted stuff, including the actual transcripts of Lisi’s wiretap and the interviews with the mayor’s staff. And, while the police can’t release the crack video while it’s evidence in a court case, there is another video that could theoretically be shown. Blair has said that Brazen 2 is still ongoing. This matter will hang over Ford and City Hall and indeed Toronto, until Ford is history.