Angry Robot


We is moved. Shouldn’t mean much to you now, Dear Reader, other than the site should feel a little snappier, no? All systems go except my cantankerous little javascript bookmarklet that I use to post links, which has broken inexplicably with the move. So, links may be light until that thing learns to play ball, goddammit.

I’m at the TIFF starting tomorrow, and may or may not write up the flicks I see there.

On another note, moving hosts indicates a rather sad end to my adventure with TextDrive. It’s been about a year since TextDrive was relaunched, and things haven’t worked out as planned. Communications from management were exciting but fitful, and support and uptime had huge holes as well. The home page promises paid plans with advanced features “returning Summer 2013”, a ship which, according to the date and the chill in the air, has sailed, with no word from the captain. I’ve left my other sites there for the time being, as I still hope against hope that the journey will resume, but The Robot is now safely ensconced at A Small Orange.

UPDATE Mar 4: Sadly, Textdrive is shutting down. And, this site is no longer at A Small Orange – now we are at Dreamhost. Could never get that javascript working at ASO despite there being nothing wrong with it, and they refused to help. Dreamhost is perfect so far.