Angry Robot

I needed a refresher in business hugs. There’s also part 2 and part 3.

The ‘little troll’ who never stopped chasing Lance Armstrong

Review of a book about the disgraced cyclist has lots of interesting bits:

While the scale and specific details of Armstrong’s doping were not then publicly known, no one involved in the sport could have had any illusions about him being clean. So why did it take so long for the truth to filter out of the fraternity?

<blockquote>        <p>The author prefaced his final chapter with a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald: “Show me a hero, and I will write you a tragedy.” Armstrong has been banned from competing and humiliated on Oprah. His sponsors have fled and his cancer-awareness foundation has cut ties. He faces multimillion-dollar lawsuits and possibly criminal charges. But David Walsh – who was labelled a “little troll” by the cyclist – says he feels no sense of vindication.</p>   </blockquote>   <blockquote>        <p>“This has been a squalid story from the beginning, conceived through greed and cynicism and then fuelled with the best drugs money could buy,” he writes. “He’s history now, another aging story of cheating and lying and doping and bullying and sport that wasn’t sport. An icon until the mask was taken away.”</p>  </blockquote>

Rent Heatmap of Toronto

How Mobile Kills the Console But Advances the Gaming Industry

“The installed based for iPhones (450 million) far exceeded that of consoles (240 million)”. Also, Nintendo cut sales projections for Wii U.

Super Bowl 2013: See The Spots

Why suffer through all that football?

A crazier prediction: iPhone Plus is real, and huge

Marco continues with the wacky Apple rumors.