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The new BSG series is a web series? Anyway more posting this as a way to test some back-end stuff rather than to recommend it – haven’t watched it yet.

The new BSG series is a web series? Anyway more posting this as a way to test some back-end stuff rather than to recommend it – haven’t watched it yet.

Jarvis St. bike lane removal called off for the day after sit-in protest

good on these cats. Whenever I think about how we live in a city that is removing bike lanes, I just get sad and defeated and don’t want the think about it. But these people did something about it.

Michael Moore's “Star Wars Episode VII” Audition Tape

“this is a picture of an abandoned lightsaber plant”

American Horror Story

This is no top-ten-listmaking best-show-of-the-ages type show, but it’s a hell of a lot of pulpy, batshit-insane fun.

Run by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, the writers who brought you Glee and Nip & Tuck, the first season followed a down-on-their luck yuppie family as they moved into a haunted house and suffered the consequences. The second season kept a handful of actors (Jessica Lange, Zacchary Quinto, Evan Peters) but threw out everything else, including the setting and period. Now it’s “American Horror Story Asylum”, and is set in a mental asylum in the 60s. Well, I suppose it kept its general pastiche approach. We are four episodes in and already we’ve had: an exorcism, zombies, a sadistic Nazi doctor, an alien abduction, a masked serial killer, and copycat masked serial killers. To mention the number of naked asses and whippings just seems like overkill at this point.

It’s essentially Twin Peaks as directed by Russ Meyer. The editing is furious and fearless, the characters are sex-crazed and violent, and the writing wouldn’t know subtlety if it bit it on the ass. You should be enjoying it.

Star Wars scenes as Gothic devotional paintings

It’s suddenly all Star Wars, all the time around here. Must be the election…? (via)

Smacks And The City – Double Dragon and the changing representation of cities

Today, there’s a good chance that if there’s an amoral green-mohican anarchist causing chaos on the streets, you’re more likely to be controlling them in a game like Saints Row The Third rather than ending their rampage with a well-timed roundhouse. The city has been so successfully tamed that the fun now comes from recreating the chaos we once sought to stop.

Streetcars For Toronto: An Anniversary

Steve Munro on the citizens’ group that saved streetcars in Toronto. Contains lots of examples of failed transit schemes through the ages:

At the same time, the TTC also planned to build a Queen subway (what we now call the Downtown Relief Line), to soak up many of the transit riders on the King, Queen, and Dundas cars. Scheduled completion for that subway: 1980.

Adviser: Romney “shellshocked” by loss

After Ohio went for Mr. Obama, it was over, but senior advisers say no one could process it. “We went into the evening confident we had a good path to victory,” said one senior adviser. “I don’t think there was one person who saw this coming.”

Wordburglar – Drawings with Words

Star Wars: Episode VII May Have Found Its Writer

Thoughts of A Technologist: Apple, Looking Forward

Apple now has “Sir Jony Ive playing the role of Jobs, taking over creative control of the world’s largest company”. No evidence cited, but I suppose if he’s head of hardware and software now, it figures.

Ethiopian kids hack OLPCs in 5 months with zero instruction

AOL Keyword “Doomed”: What the former Internet giant portends about the future of cable

Halo 4: This isn’t Bungie’s Halo anymore – it’s better

Disney Deal: George Lucas Will Use $4 Billion to Fund Education

Bill Gates style

Senate Math Imperils Vast GOP Agenda

even if Romney wins, GOP isn’t going to win the Senate