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The 13 Most Shameless Super Mario Rip-Offs on iPhone

What, no Duper Dario Dros? (via)

The Feed

(There may well be a few housekeeping posts as a result of the redesign. This is certainly one of them.)

If you are following this site via its RSS feed, I have a public service announcement for you.

For a long time, blog owners have used a service called Feedburner to improve their management of RSS feeds. Feedburner lets you track your subscribers, see which links are clicked on, makes podcast feeds easy, etc. The service became successful, and thus was bought by Google for $100-million, and for a while, things were fine.

Until recently. Google announced that the Feedburner APIs were deprecated. This doesn’t mean that Feedburner feeds are going away, but it does make many of us concerned about Google’s enthusiasm for the product and how this may affect the rosiness of its future.

Just to be safe, if you think of it, you could switch your feed to the following new official, excellent, non-3rd-party-reliant URL: Angry Robot RSS Feed.

Sony's steep learning process

The Deadly Rooms of Derek Yu

Interview with the creator of “Spelunky”

Voyages in Concussion Land: the homeless, Sidney Crosby and me

Tabatha Southey on concussions. Lots of fascinating details:

 <blockquote>        <p>The study concluded that 53 per cent of the 904 men and women it examined who were in homeless shelters had sustained a traumatic brain injury, compared with an 8.5 per cent lifetime prevalence rate among the general population… Significantly, 70 per cent of those people had suffered their injury before they became homeless.</p>   </blockquote>

Reince Priebus Forced Back Into Ancient Puzzle Box After Being Tricked Into Saying Name Backwards

“Whenever there’s been a major historical movement toward eliminating social programs, the deceptive elf Reince Priebus has typically been involved”

Here’s my prescription for reviving medicare

actually pretty decent article from the Globe.

The U.S. comparison is a bogeyman […] Put the U.S. example aside and instead compare Canadian medicare with other largely public health-care systems in the world: Alas, Canada’s performance is only average at best when judged by money spent versus results.

India’s improbable champion for affordable feminine hygiene

great story

Tapbots releases Netbot for

I’m considering signing up

Lucille and Mitt

Review: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite really shines