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Angry Birds, Farmville and Other Hyperaddictive ‘Stupid Games’

great examination of the iOS generation of casual games. Misses the Wii / DS in its cursory history though. Be sure to play the minigame. (via)

0x10 ͨ

Notch’s new game. Space trading! But more mining? & monthly fee?

Welcome to Ikea-land: Furniture giant begins urban planning project

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Utopian Dystopia

about Broadacre City, FLW’s plan for a very sprawling, planned suburb

Android so good it doesnt even have to make Google any money! Ever!


Dethroned! How Wendy's Slayed Burger King in the Fast-Food Wars

“One focused on funny ads. One focused on food. Guess who won?” (Thanks, Dave)

Incremental Change Wins Apple Big Gains

The Gameological Society

an AV Club spinoff site about games. First The PA Report and now this? Suddenly there is a lot more good games-writing.

Apple's War on Android