Angry Robot

The Technium: Computational X

Kevin Kelly is writing a lot more this year, which is great.

The Paleo Diet: A Link Primer

I’m kind of fascinated by some of the theories behind this diet right now. Not sure I could pull it off though.

Video: Inside Google’s Self-Driving Cars

craziness (via)

Viral videos a slippery slope for late-night hosts

ratings are consistently down among late-night talk shows as people increasingly just watch choice bits online. Question is, would those bits still get play in the absence of the hour-long show?

EU raids publishers in ebook price-fixing probe

“ebooks … can cost more than twice as much as their printed cousins.” Which makes no goddamned sense.

Minecraft developer Mojang announces new game 'Scrolls'

Jerry Holkins from Penny Arcade also involved. Sounds great.

Magicka: Vietnam

in the running for greatest title ever. Up there with “Magic Cop” and “Space Precinct”. PC only though, sad.

The Very Rich Indie Writer

encouraging developments from the Kindle store – indie ebooks are selling for less yet making their writers more money than traditional publishers’ fare. (via)

Deadly Premonition is the Game of the Year (Part 1)

very tempted to check this out. (via)