Angry Robot

Official Google Blog: Think big with a gig: Our experimental fiber network

The dark fibre is gonna light up?

High Quality DVD Copies with HandBrake

suggestion for HandBrake settings. Seems like a sweet spot.

What's new in Aperture 3.

Finally, a new version of Aperture.

The Revenge of No More Excuses

Canon’s new $800 550D/Rebel T2i has all the video features of the 7D

Reading cuts stress levels by 68%

43 Simple Ways To Simplify Your Life

“37. More crying but quieter” genius.

Movist: The Real Alternative to VLC for Mac

better file support apparently

Comic Books Will Look Incredible on the iPad

a clear advantage over the current Kindle

Amazon buys Touchco

unsurprisingly, a touch-screen company.

Restaurant promotes sex in its bathrooms

Selleck Waterfall Sandwich

does what it says on the box.

Imaginary iPad conversations with critics over the last week

agree on all counts. The gaming analogy is apt.

The Ice House, Detroit

art installation with abandoned house

The Manitou (1978) | Film | Films That Time Forgot | The A.V. Club

Two words: neck fetus.

Pirating the 2010 Oscars –

torrenting of Oscar screeners is way, way down this year

FRONTLINE: digital nation – life on the virtual frontier

online-viewable PBS doc examines the effect of digital tech on cognition & development

Apple reinventing file access, wireless sharing for iPad

I promise to shut up about this thing soon. But this was of interest, partially disproving the ‘closed filesystem’ gripe

Confused by the 'Lost' premiere? Never fear! Damon and Carlton explain a few things about the start of Season 6

pretty good come-down reading after watching the premiere

The iPad isn't a third device, but a third revolution

people seem to be agreeing on the significance of the device, but disagreeing about whether the new direction is good or not.

And the Oscar nominees are…

place your bets!

Empire Enlistment Poster

The Days of Miracles and Wonder

too true

A Timeline of the 'Lost' Universe

Hands-on with the Apple iPad – it does make sense – Andy Ihnatko