Angry Robot

Please Stay

It must be tough with all these strangers in your house. Bad things happen; you say the children are at risk. Of course you would fight to defend them. You fought for me.

I know the Judge is out to get you, and you worry.

Don’t worry, your keys are here too.

We rebuilt the house exactly as it was. (You’re right, that would be amazing.) This is your house, don’t worry – you thought it was gone when you were in that other place. The one you kept on trying to leave. This is it, not an exact replica.

Are you going out? If you go I’ll go with you. This is your coat, you may want it. It’s getting cold.

That’s your wife. Yes, the second one. She looks out for you – please don’t yell at her. Don’t fight. There is nothing to fight. Don’t worry. You were always a gentle man, a calm one. Please don’t change now.

You are playing roles. You are starring in movies. The trucks are lined up outside. You’re to play the role of a much older man. One whose hands shake, who shuffles, who gets confused.

No, I don’t have a brother. Seriously.

The words slip. They shuffle like a deck of cards. I understand you but I don’t. Sometimes you give up, and who can blame you. I would too.

I wish I could see what you see, the show playing out in the fireplace, the dropped jewels on the floor, the people who wait silently in the living room. I wish I could get inside, see the film you’re in, star in it with you.

Don’t worry. Please don’t worry.

You say you are radiantly sorry. It’s just that if you keep fighting, they won’t let you stay here.

We all play roles. Then when the role is done we move on, wait in the green room, talk about how great it was. They clean up the hall, the lights go out, we move on. Think of all the roles you’ve played. For me, you’ve played many. Like the teacher who taught me everything I fucking know.

Please stay.

If you want to go out I will go with you, but take your coat, it’s cold. I can help. I am a trained ninja, and I will help you keep the demons away.

But consider that we don’t have to do anything. We can stay in tonight. If you need help, just tell me. You taught me how to piss, I owe you one.

You don’t have to say anything. The words can fall on the floor like dropped cards. I can make you laugh without them, you can do the same.

Just don’t move on just yet. I’m here with you. Please stay.