Angry Robot

My Seven Things

  1. I have an unhealthy fixation upon robots, that ranges from the intellectual (I believe in the technological singularity) to the visceral (robots are fucking awesome, yo). I wear a small robot around my neck, a gift from my lady friend. I like all robots, from retro to Asimo, but I prefer giant, leaping robots – GERWALK motherfucker!

  2. I work as a promo producer for the SPACE channel. (That’s how we rock it now, all caps.) A promo producer is someone who creates commercials for the shows and movies that air on that channel, as well as interstitials, show openings, etc. It is a job that demands writing, directing, producing, and (for my channel) editing, earning us the nickname ‘predators’. I have also developed the ability to watch shit with an eye for pithy taglines, explosions, and slow-motion dollies-in as someone turns their head and gives the horizon a determined look.

  3. I listened to Rush today and fucking loved it. 20 minute songs, tempo changes, wizards and virtuoso drumming? I’m heading to Progtown and I may not be back for a long time.

  4. I love to walk – I walk to work every day, which takes about 50 minutes. Not being a sportsman, and not much of a fan of gyms, it’s an effective way to get exercise, and with some new albums or a good audiobook (currently “The Universe in a Single Atom” by His Awesomeness the 14th Dalai Lama), it passes in a flash. Although it’s going to be -20 today.

  5. When I was a child, one Halloween, I dressed up as “Squidlad,” a superhero of my own creation. Costume construction was contracted out to my father.

  6. I have memorized the lyrics to “Let Your Backbone Slide” by Maestro Fresh-Wes. This is a throwdown, a showdown, hell no I can’t slow down.

  7. I love laundromats. I don’t know why, but to me they are beautiful and magical places.