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Ah, Game Journalism

On the 18th, TUAW reviewed the just-released SimCity for iPhone and found it to be good, saying

This is one of those games that will help make the iPhone be viable as a portable gaming unit alongside the Nintendo DS and PSP. For those hesitant to try out games on your iPhone, give SimCity a try. You won’t be disappointed.

One week later, they re-review it, and find it to be bad. It crashes every five minutes, it takes two minutes to load, the controls are bad, and it “keeps draining the battery even after connecting the iPhone to a power source”.

Not that game journalism in general has very high standards, but iPhone game journalism in particular is setting some new lows. Yet another reason to avoid TUAW like the plague. (via funkaoshi’s iphone blog)

2 comments on "Ah, Game Journalism"

  1. ramanana says:

    TUAW is such a crappy site, i’m not entirely sure why I read it. I thought that ‘review’ was particularly hilarious though. I swear they just shit out ‘articles’.

  2. D says:

    I hear ya. I read it on the occasion that I haven’t got my apple news fill from more reputable sources, and I usually wind up shaking my head in disbelief. That’s what pay-by-the-post pro blogs are like, I guess. Why play a game for five hours when you make the same money playing it for half an hour? Why do original research when you make the same money posting a press release? Grr.

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