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Worst Best Lyrics Ever

Worst Lyrics Ever: Snap, “Rhythm is a Dancer.”

I’m as serious as cancer when I say
Rhythm is a dancer

I’ve got nothing against using cancer as a metaphor, even as a metaphor for how serious you are. But then you have to step up to the plate, which Snap most certainly does not. “Rhythm is a dancer”? What does that even mean? That’s like saying “flight is a pilot”. And don’t go looking through the rest of the song’s lyrics for possible exploration, you’ll drive yourself insane.

Best worst lyrics ever: Tom Petty

First in the Traveling Wilburys song “Last Night”:

I was feeling no pain
Feeling good in my brain.

And then, from “It’ll All Work Out”:

She wore faded jeans and soft black leather
She had eyes so blue they looked like weather.

I can’t even find words to express. Although some keywords might be “marijuana, zen, inane, mild brain damage.”